6 Medication Side Effects Straight Out of a Horror Movie

#3. Blue Steel

Quick, what do you think of when we say "Viagra side effects?" Is it the four-hour boner? The look of terror in an elderly woman's eyes? Golf? It's probably golf. Well, whatever it may be, you probably don't think "Smurf Vision."

Well, the type of people who want to Smurf their Smurf on Smurfette probably do.

John Pettigrew just wanted what every 58-year-old man wants: Hot, leathery, waddle-slapping old-people sex. He had a controlled prescription for Viagra but claimed he was "having too much fun" to stick to the recommended dosage. After a night that almost certainly culminated in bowlegs and divorce papers, John woke up to a side effect shared only by Na'vi fetishists: He saw the world in shades of blue. At the time of this interview, John had spent 14 days with blued vision and worried that his normal vision might never return. He even claimed that he would "... give up all the sex in the world to be able to see a red letterbox again." This, incidentally, was indicative of another hitherto unknown side effect: traumatically misplaced priorities syndrome.

"But ... I pay for Viagra with a postal order."

And he wasn't just making it up: Though it's not advertised in the commercials -- stuffed to the gills, as they are, with physical innuendo for humpin' -- the side effect is listed right on Viagra's official website.

This happens because Viagra affects an enzyme in your retinal photoreceptors similar to the infamous boner-inducing one. The effect actually makes you hypersensitive to all light, but especially the blue wavelengths. It doesn't affect your vision otherwise; it just looks like you're seeing the world through light-blue-shaded sunglasses, or one of the cameras used to film Terminator 2.

"I need your Viagra, your boots and your motorcycle. I'm busy having a midlife crisis here."

#2. Party Zombie Syndrome

Though doctors classify Ambien as a sedative and say it should hinder arousal as opposed to heighten it, many people claim that Ambien has led to some of the best sex of their lives. Entire message boards are dedicated to telling stories about the wild nights people have while taking Ambien, and only 99 percent of them are probably lies. Even one of Tiger Woods' mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, claims that the two of them would regularly have "crazy Ambien sex." (Note to Mr. Woods: Just roll with this. This is the best plausible deniability ever. You're totally absolved of all responsibility for your actions, but the whole world still knows exactly how awesome you are at boning.)

Tiger Woods calculating his scores.

It's not just the sex: Ambien makes people do a variety of things in their sleep -- walk, eat, drive -- but no one remembers doing them afterward. So while the good news is that the sex is awesome, the bad news is that you're just going to have to take your partner's word for it. Maybe you can politely ask for an America's Most Wanted-style dramatic re-enactment.

Try not to get carried away.

This phenomenon is called anterograde amnesia: the inability to turn short-term memories into long-term ones. Ambien basically shuts down the part of your brain that makes you not awesome, but it doesn't affect functionality. All accounts say the users acted just the same as they did awake -- they held conversations, made meals and fucked like rabbits -- but didn't recall a second of it in the morning.

But it makes a great movie plot.

Now, we're certainly not advising the abuse of any drug, but we'd like to relay something either a lawyer friend or a John Belushi movie once told us: Nothing is illegal if you can't remember it.

#1. Alien Hand Syndrome

For many people, epileptic seizures can be suppressed through medication, but the more severe cases may require brain surgery. One of these procedures involves cutting the corpus callosum, a band of fibers that connects the two halves of the brain. It's highly effective at curing seizures, but unfortunately, it's also highly effective at infusing your limbs with poltergeists.

"Oh holy crap, how do I get down? I'm not doing this on purpose."

The side effect is officially called alien hand syndrome, and it's exactly what it sounds like: The patient's hand, usually the nondominant one, suddenly starts to act of its own accord. It's not just ineffectual twitching, either. The alien hands complete complex tasks, seem to have their own agendas and generally react as if an entirely different person is controlling them. One woman ended up with a smoking problem, but not in the addiction sense -- in the Airplane! sense. She would put a cigarette in her mouth with her obedient hand and go to get her lighter, but before she was able to retrieve it, her alien hand would remove the cigarette and throw it away.

If she tried grabbing the lighter with the alien hand, she set herself on fire.

Another woman was actually seeing her doctor about it when her alien hand started unbuttoning her blouse. She didn't even realize it was happening until her doctor pointed it out, at which point she quickly rebuttoned her shirt with her good hand. The alien hand immediately started unbuttoning again. There are a lot of theories to explain these behaviors, but nobody really knows exactly why the procedure causes you to share your body with a sex offender.

Now, we know what you're thinking, dear reader, and we'd just like to say: No. No, we cannot find any fault in your logic. If you combined Ambien with this procedure, you would have complete plausible deniability for your every action, and you would never, ever have to stop masturbating.

You're a goddamn genius.

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