5 Reasons The War Between Dog and Cat People Needs to Stop

#2. It's All Just A Relic of Human Nature

So, sure, cat owners are different from dog owners in some ways, but first, these are big generalizations that don't apply to everyone, and secondly, while some of the ways feed stereotypes of cat owners as antisocial weirdos, other differences paint the dog owners as drooling Neanderthals, if you want to play that game.

A game that can only end in videos from dog shows and clips of cat hoarders.

So why does our culture keep foisting cats on Blofeld and Gargamel characters in the movies and making male cat owners feel like they have to crush beer cans on their forehead every time someone sees them petting their cat?

I think that's why Marc Robertson here took up boxing.

Why do most cat owner vs. dog owner studies look suspiciously like they've been conducted by dog owners whose parents were killed in a cat accident?

Well, humankind is pretty good at blowing up small differences displayed by the most extreme people in a group into hyperbolic stereotypes about that group. If cat owners as a group tend to be slightly less sociable than dog owners, some people will paint any woman with more than two cats as a "crazy cat lady" and some movie makers will put a cat on every sociopathic villain's lap.

Sorry, cat owners, it looks like this is one PR battle you just can't win.

#1. There's Plenty Of Room For Compromise

As the survey shows, most dog owners have some appreciation for kitties, and we can extend that good will to their owners by not automatically questioning their manhood or sanity.

Cat owners, if you can't convince people that owning a cat is perfectly normal and sane, maybe you can meet people halfway and try to act as much like a dog owner as possible.

Take your cat out on a leash, something you can apparently train them to do.

Borrow a dog to walk with it:

Or just take the old cat out for a stroll in Central Park:

On second thought, that just makes it worse. You know what, just man up and take the hit for your cat. The widdle snoogykins deserves it.

You can read Christina's detailed explanation of why adorable kittens are horrible HERE. Or you can browse through the dozens of columns she's written expressing her unreasonable hatred for one thing or another.

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