Why Humanity Can't Get Past The 7 Deadly Sins

#3. Pride

The desire to be better than others, failure to acknowledge the good work of others and excessive love of self.

So this is a problem. By obsessing over how perfect you are, you've got Pride in spades, and that's rough because it's classically one of the worst on a list of things that are deadly.

The Cure!

To avoid damnation, maybe try being a little less perfect. It'll be tough, but you can afford to not be so buff and toned. A little weakness will remind you that you are just mortal, after all, so work on making yourself less awesome. Skip the gym for a while. Have some milkshakes, go ahead. There's nothing wrong with eating a burger or two.

Just the two, though.

No ... no more than the two. Why don't- How about you slow down, on the- Jesus, how are they all even fitting in-

#2. Gluttony

Over-consumption to the point of waste.

You just couldn't stop, could you? Another sin of excess, this is the fancy way of telling you how fat you are (very). You are disgusting.

The Cure!

But this is a quick fix, you just need to get back into shape. Shed some pounds, hit the gym and in no time, you'll be back to your toned, fit, well-defined-

#1. Wrath

Uncontrolled feelings of hatred or anger.

Oooohhh, right.


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