6 Bad Ideas in Video Game Mash-Ups We'll Probably See Next

#3. Grand Theft Madden

GTA IV has sold over 17 million copies while Madden NFL 10 sold 7.36 million copies. These two franchises have a lot more in common than just selling like hotcakes. Grand Theft Auto is an open-world crime game that involves a lot of car theft and hookers, while the Madden NFL series is a money-minting series of sports video games about the NFL, a league whose players often lead lives filled with crime and hookers. Of course, the NFL would never license its team names to a game that focused on that part of the players' personal lives. But it's at least worth noting that if a professional athlete were to go on a crime spree that ended with him driving a boat down the middle of the street, he would almost definitely be a linebacker in the NFL.

From Grand Theft Auto, we take the bit about stealing cars and committing random acts of violence with them instead of actually doing missions, which seems to be how the game is most popularly played. From Madden, we take former coach and commentator John Madden, whose commentary is actually not considered a positive contribution to the game play by most players, but whose name branding is valuable in letting people know they are buying the same kind of game they bought last year. So people who automatically buy "the new Madden" every year will be shoo-ins to pick up this game on reflex.

Put those two hit elements together and you get a game where you steal John Maddens. This is illegal, so you'll be chased by the police on their police-issue John Maddens.

If you get away from them, you're free to explore the open world of the game, including its fun ragdoll physics and destruction effects, by running over pedestrians and crashing into cars on your John Madden.

#2. World of Tetris

Blizzard's unstoppable fantasy MMORPG teams up with the legendary puzzle game Tetris to create an immersive online world where players from around the world roleplay any character they can imagine, as long as that character is made of four contiguous squares.

Players can cooperatively raid with up to 40 others by trying to fit with them into numerously creatively shaped dungeons in the most efficient way or they can participate in massive battles where they have to push enemy players into organized rows to cause them to disappear.

Or they can roleplay having sexual relations with other characters. We're not going to judge.

#1. Resident Evil: Pokemon

If you think about it, these two top franchises actually go pretty well together. Despite how cutesy Pokemon look in cartoon form, attempts to bring them into real life range from creepy:

To horrifying examples of animal abuse:

In Resident Evil: Pokemon, one insane biotech firm decides to genetically engineer actual Pokemon, reasoning that they will make a mint selling these abominations to millions of Pokemon addicts. As always happens whenever anyone tries to invent anything in a video game, it goes terribly wrong.

The resulting Lovecraftian horrors break loose, longing only for death to release them from their unnatural, tortured existence, but in their blind fury, they murder and devour left and right, leaving the laboratory a charnel house of gore and death.

As Leon, you must find and destroy every specimen lest any trace of the plague remain (slogan: "Gotta kill them all.")

Fun for the whole family!

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