The 5 Most Shocking Celebrity Twitter Feeds

#2. Ice-T Really, Really Likes Video Games

You know what's rarer than a double rainbow? A picture of original gangsta Ice-T laughing. Before Ice-T became known for playing po-po on TV, he was Ice-T, the guy who wrote "Cop Killer." And the guy who wrote what is generally considered the very first gangsta rap song, period.

So, it's no wonder that when you think of Ice-T, you think of a serious man doing serious things. And possibly committing some crimes.

Ice is smiling! Savor the moment!

What His Twitter Feed Taught Us:

Ice-T LOVES video games.

Word? Word. Even if you only go back as far as the beginning of September 2010 on his Twitter feed, you'll find no fewer than 98 mentions of the word "game." Dead Rising gets 13 mentions. Try MW2 (Modern Warfare 2) and you'll see eight mentions. Fallout, as in Fallout: New Vegas gets five. Gears 3 gets three.


Ice-T not only tweets extensively about his gaming passion but also interacts with fans over it. And P.S., reading Ice's feed as a nongamer is straight gibberish. Glitches, 140-character reviews, even the tedium of working with those punks at GameStop are fair game for Ice:



Finding out Ice-T is a hardcore gamer would be like discovering Al Capone was a D&D man, which would also be pretty cool if you think about it.

#1. David Lynch is Not Insane, Builds Furniture

These days, you hear the name "David Lynch" and you think "genius," or "insane" or just Twin Peaks. He's an icon in the film world, both beloved and revered for his unique aesthetic. When we hear the name "David Lynch," we think one thing: Eraserhead baby.

Look at that thing. Look at it. Anyone who's actually seen Eraserhead recognizes this mutant E.T.-looking abortion of a creature as the centerpiece of that sick, sick movie. So, based on that picture above, you'd think that Lynch's feed would be equally opaque, if not high-as-a-kite-Crispin-Glover levels of baffling.

What His Twitter Feed Taught Us:

David Lynch really enjoys carpentry:



Though he occasionally switches it up:


Again with the weekends! What, does this freak have some kind of ... furniture and nice weekend fetish? OK, so maybe he's just a down-to-earth, mild-mannered old man who enjoys nice things.

Though we did find this:

We can't imagine what that is, but we're very afraid that someone died when it happened.

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