5 Awesome Vehicles for the Extremely Wealthy (And Insane)

#2. The Bullet 580 Airship

Ah, the zeppelin. The vehicle of the supervillain. We've seen at least one Bond villain tooling around in one...

Christopher Walken, no less.

... as well as the villain in Pixar's Up ...

... and The Rocketeer. Damn, how did zeppelins get such a bad reputation?

Ah, right.

This brings us to the Bullet 580. It's a 23-story-high airship and, while you might think that in real life it'd be hard to get much supervillaining done in a vehicle that can be brought down by a bird with a particularly sharp beak, that's just because you don't know the details.

The Bullet 580 is made of a new type of Kevlar, which is 10 times stronger than steel when it comes to impact resistance. You can shoot a cannonball at the thing and it wouldn't leave a dent. But that's just the beginning.

The designer of the airship states that, "The craft can fulfill ... battlefield surveillance, missile defense warning, electronic countermeasures, weapons platforms," plus it can carry up to 2,000 pounds of equipment (or 12 armed henchmen). More than enough time to scare the shit out of your enemies and possibly conquer a small country.

Or one of the weaker states.

Also, it's shaped like an actual bullet.

So what we have here, basically, is a giant bullet speeding through the air at 80 mph, covered in an oversized bulletproof vest -- the perfect headquarters for a bullet-themed Batman villain.

"Behold my new invention! A bullet-shooting lasergun!"

The makers claim it's made for tasks like homeland security and disaster relief -- but they're also renting them out to anybody with enough cash who likes to spend that cash on crazy things (it's $300,000 a month, but we'd like to see them try to catch you to collect the second month).

#1. Full-Sized Luxury Submarines

Imagine you could live in the middle of the sea. No, we're not talking about a floating house -- that would be silly. We're talking about a giant underwater mansion that is capable of crossing the Atlantic, the Phoenix 1000.

This is actually a submarine, but it's considerably bigger than most of its kind: 213 feet long, with a total interior living area of 5,000 square feet. That's like twice the size of the average American house.

Plus they have twice as many books.

The Phoenix has four decks, including ample saloons and observation spots, but what takes it into paranoid supervillain territory is its freakish endurance. It can sink 2,000 feet below the water and has an oxygen supply to last for up to 40 days. You can literally survive another Great Flood in this thing.

And if you get bored being inside all day or you need to go dump some bodies where no one could ever possibly find them, you can go for a ride in the smaller submarine that's attached to this thing. And by smaller submarine we mean a regular freakin' submarine.

The only downside to the Phoenix 1000 is that if the builders (U.S. Submarines) have built one, they aren't letting anyone take pictures of it. Whether it's because the only buyers so far are the types who value their privacy (say, flamboyant arms dealers with an eye on world domination via flooding the world's major cities) or because nobody has forked over the $78 million price tag is anybody's guess. All we know is that if we bought one of these things, you can bet we'd freakin' let you know about it.

The best parties happen in international waters.

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