If Movie Characters Didn't Make Horrible Decisions

If you lived in a universe of movie characters you would probably be bored to tears by the daily monster attacks and underdog miracles and high speed chases (though on the plus side, Social Security and pension funds wouldn't be in crisis because nobody ever reaches retirement).

This begs the question: Since people go to the movies to escape their ordinary lives, what kind of movies would movie characters want to watch? What crazy stories would boggle their minds?

#9. Disciplinary Action

When supersoldier Joseph Ramirez is sent alone on a special mission to take down the entire Iranian army, he is mowed down in a hail of gunfire. His superiors are forced to face an outraged nation and scores of disciplinary hearings asking them why on earth they thought this would be a good idea.

#8. Magic Doesn't Work

Lacey was everything to Brian. When a car accident takes her life, he vows to bring her back, risking his life to discover a forbidden occult ritual that will bring her back from the dead. He is warned that tampering with the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead could bring great evil into the world, and that what comes back to him will no longer be his wife. When nothing actually happens, Brian is at a loss, until he remembers magic doesn't exist. Realizing he has let his grief make him stupid, he finally accepts Lacey's death, enabling him to get on with his life.

#7. The Downward Spirals

When washed-up ex-con Harry Stedman is brought in to manage a Little League team of misfits and outcasts, nobody thinks they'll get anywhere, which turns out to be a pretty reasonable assumption. They lose every game of the season, becoming more and more demoralized as teammates quit one by one and Stedman relapses into alcoholism.

#6. Steady Justice

Terence Barnes had everything: a perfect job, a lovely wife and two happy, healthy children. When they are brutally murdered, as families often are, Barnes refuses to rest until he has gone to the police, given a statement and fully cooperated with police and prosecutors.

In an unexpected twist ending, the murderers are caught and convicted, due to an overwhelming amount of evidence.

#5. Routine Flight Delay

When an ordinary flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles is delayed due to bad weather, the passengers find themselves trapped together in the cabin with no end in sight. As passengers' find their possessions mysteriously disappearing, suspicion grows that one of them is up to no good.

Later, they discover that their things had rolled under one of the seats, because the floor is uneven.

As the passengers wait out the delay, they began to discover disturbing things about each other. For example, Lindsay appears to be an ordinary flight attendant, but her plastic smile and distant behavior gradually lead passengers to suspect she is in fact an ordinary flight attendant.

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