5 Absurd (But Mind-Blowing) Pop Culture Conspiracy Theories

#2. A Pink Floyd Album Syncs Perfectly with The Wizard of Oz

The theory that Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon was deliberately written to be played in synch with The Wizard of Oz (the so-called Dark Side of the Rainbow/Dark Side of Oz theory) is one of the most widespread and enduring in pop culture. It has appeared in movies, DVDs, YouTube videos and websites, resulting in countless college students spending their weekends getting stoned while watching a 70-year-old family movie instead of their normal routine of getting stoned while watching cartoons.

"Oh my God. Death is horrible."

Theaters have featured The Wizard of Oz set to The Dark Side of the Moon, and Turner Classic Movies even aired the movie in 2000 with Pink Floyd offered as an alternate track. It has seriously trickled that high up.

And we must admit, some parts do synch up eerily well--sound effects on the album match movements of characters, the word "which" is uttered at the moment a witch appears, and that's just scratching the surface.

Why it's Bullshit:

Because even Pink Floyd thinks the theory is ridiculous. David Gilmour described whoever picked up on the synchronicity as some guy with too much time on his hands, and Nick Mason has gone on record stating that the record was based on The Sound of Music.

Clearly, this makes way more sense.

Dark Side of the Moon engineer Alan Parsons explained to Rolling Stone in 2003 how impossible it would have been to sync the tracks even if they'd wanted to:

"One of the things any audio professional will tell you is that the scope for the drift between the video and the record is enormous; it could be anything up to 20 seconds by the time the record's finished. And anyway, if you play any record with the sound turned down on the TV, you will find things that work."

That's true. Try it. Hell, go to TubeDubber--the site that lets you combine the sound from one clip with the video from another--and you'll be shocked at how random clips sync up. For instance, here's the audio from a vicious anti-Ground Zero Mosque ad synced with the video from a Japanese McDonald's commercial.

#1. The Great Stanley Kubrick Illuminati Conspiracy

Now that VHS, DVDs and YouTube have made it possible for audiences to watch movies over and over and over again, much has been learned about the elusive Stanley Kubrick that otherwise may have slipped under our radar.

Among them: A little in-joke in 2001: A Space Odyssey about HAL really being IBM; the faint shadow of a helicopter caught in the opening titles in The Shining; and how virtually the entire Stanley Kubrick library reveals clues to an enormous Freemason-Illuminati conspiracy that Kubrick was personally in the center of, and probably killed over.

Theorists allege that Kubrick peppered more than 30 years of some of the finest motion pictures in history with countless visual references to Masonic symbols like the Eye of Providence...

...and by extension his connection to the Illuminati. And honestly, there are some images that could totally pass for the Eye of Providence out there.

2001: A Space Odyssey:

A Clockwork Orange:

Check out the wall in the back.

The Shining:

Eyes Wide Shut:

Why it's Bullshit:

First and foremost, when Stanley Kubrick died on March 7, 1999, his cause of death was a heart attack, aka being an out of shape 70-year-old man. The odds that his fatal coronary explosion was orchestrated by a secret organization are slim at best.

Second, this conspiracy alleges that just about every piece of work Kubrick made from 1963 to his death in 1999 was heavily laden with Masonic symbols like the Eye of Providence. That is a very, very long time, and is an almost unfair comparison because filmmakers often go in and out of themes, styles and symbols particular to a film. Granted, as demonstrated above there are a ton of triangles and stuff in his movies, but things like triangles and pyramids are sort of key elements of art. That's kind of the shape a long room makes when you look at it. It's called perspective, guys.

As demonstrated here.

Fans of A Clockwork Orange point out that the title is supposed to symbolize the Sun, the Eye of Horus and by association the Eye of Providence, kind of forgetting that Kubrick didn't come up with that title. Other parallels they draw are even flimsier.

Old guy + wheelchair = old guy in a wheelchair.

Lastly, the whole Masonic/Illuminati/New World Order conspiracy theory is total, utter bullshit. In fact, when you consider that the Illuminatus! trilogy that spawned the Illuminati craze is both fictional and released after both the book and the film A Clockwork Orange, it almost makes Kubrick look like less of a master conspirator and more like the type of guy who "accidentally" omitted Anthony Burgess from the writing credits and didn't even know A Clockwork Orange had a final chapter until the screenplay was nearly finished.

Though that hasn't stopped conspiracy theories claiming that NASA hired Kubrick to direct the fake Apollo Moon Landing based on his work on 2001 earlier that year, and that there is a coded confession in The Shining.

Gemini: Apollo's sister space program.

A-11=Apollo 11.

Come on, guys. You're going to have to do better than that to get us to agree with the Flat Earth Society.

So... would it nullify the rest of the article if we sided with the crazy people just this once?

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