6 Movies That Didn't Realize They Let the Villain Win

Not every movie can end with the main villain being punched, electrocuted, smashed by a fire truck and dropped on a conveyor belt, like in Con Air. (Unfortunately.) We understand that.

What we don't understand are the movies where the writers seemed to forget about the bad guys completely.

Note: These days, defeating evil is tough, which is why we have an entire workforce dedicated to that very purpose, and why we keep a careful eye on the workforce. He who fights with monsters, etcetera.

Our point is that we can't get complacent. And, since we got the feeling that you were just about to, we decided it was time to remind you of the terrible price of complacency with this Cracked Classic, which shows just how easy it is to let evil win. In movies. -Cracked

#6. The Rest of the Aliens from Independence Day

In Independence Day, the film that inaugurated Roland Emmerich's obsession with seeing America destroyed, the bad guys are a "far more advanced" form of intelligent life that looks like something the Queen from Aliens gave birth to after getting drunk with Predator.

ALF just... stared.

These guys packed quite a lunch bag for their Independence Day barbecue: spaceships the size of Hawaiian islands, shields that could withstand the nuclear bombing of Houston, weapons capable of leveling Washington D.C. in a single blast, plus all the information about human anatomy they could possibly probe out of Randy Quaid's asshole.

But, after pancaking dozens of cities, a rag-tag group of humans cause each and every one of the alien ships to crash, the thousands of people who were no doubt crushed under each one a small price to pay for victory.

But We Forgot About...

Let's be generous and assume that every one of the alien city-destroying mother ships was downed. Do you have any idea how large a 15-mile-wide spaceship is? Each one is like a flying city, 1,000-stories high and about 100 blocks wide in every direction. And while New York may not have been designed to have giant spaceships fall on it, we have to imagine the space crafts had been designed with a contingency plan for gravity.

We're not sure how many troops and crew were on board each, but we know each one housed an entire air force worth of those little fighter craft.

Speaking of which, any aliens who happen to be sitting in one of those crafts is probably going to make it. We saw earlier that an alien shot out of the sky was able to survive. And by survive we mean it hot wired a human brain and had a conversation with the fucking President after going through a crash-landing, a cold cock delivered by none other than Will Smith, and being cut in half on an operating table.

"Wow, he went down really easy. It's almost like he wants me to take his unconscious body to my leader."

Take into account the weaponry the aliens will be able to recover from their downed ships, and we have a District 9 situation on our hands... only we're the ones herded into camps.

And we can't quite rock a red vest.

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