7 Famous Movie Flaws That Were Explained in Deleted Scenes

#6. Independence Day

Are you kind of a nerd? Have you seen Independence Day? What's the problem we're about to point out here? Exactly. Fully half of you reading this have just screamed to the heavens in futile rage about the probability of the famous Apple OS/advanced alien mothership compatibility issue. Even here at Cracked, we've drawn attention to this once or twice in one of our articles (like this one, this one, this one, this one and, well, this one.)

Nerds are an unforgiving lot.

Essentially, Jeff Goldblum is reminded that the word "virus" exists, which is all the motivation and know-how he needs to hack a completely alien spacecraft with a mid-90s PowerBook. We can't even get our damn Xboxes to play pirated copies of Step Up 2 the Streets from our computer, and they were made specifically to interact with one another, yet the dude from Jurassic Park somehow manages to encode a goddamn .GIF of a laughing skull in there when he takes out the mothership with the cutting edge power of MacOS 7.6.


But in the seven minutes of cut scenes included in the extended release Independence Day DVD, Goldblum is actually shown tinkering with his PowerBook inside the recovered craft from the Roswell crash site, mumbling something about how the spaceship was running off the same programming language he was able to decipher before (when he first uncovered their invasion plans and all that).

He may also have mentioned tachyons.

So, he presumably worked from there and was able to code some disruptive program and translate it into their language or whatever. It's still flimsy as hell, but it at least proves the filmmakers were aware of and willing to address the problem, thus defusing a decade and a half of pent-up nerd-rage.

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