6 Famous Geniuses You Didn't Know Were Perverts

#3. Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger was one of the greatest symphony composers of the past century, bringing home the modern equivalent of $3 million a year, which is serious money in the composer world. His innovations became common in orchestras in the decades after.

Also, Grainger married his wife on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in front of 20,000 people and a 126 member orchestra that performed a song he had written just for her.

Ah, they don't make romantics like that anymore.

But Behind Closed Doors...

When Grainger died, he nobly left most of his money to the University of Melbourne. He also donated countless photos of himself, 83 whips and a pair of his own blood-soaked shorts, because was reeeeaaaallllyy into S & M.

He covered the walls and ceiling of his bedroom with mirrors so he could watch his wife beat the shit out of him. Afterwards, he would use the mirrors to take pictures of the bloody aftermath from every angle imaginable and document the picture with details like the camera settings, date, location (where the whipping went down) and what whip was used to flay him.

Predictably, he also noted the time signature of each beating so that it could be played back on a synthesizer.

#2. T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia

Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, was an officer in the British Army who ended up playing a major role in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Turks. He was a talented author, a competent statesman, a born leader and a war hero. Also, the movie based on his life is one of the most successful and well-known films of all time:

But Behind Closed Doors...

When he wasn't conquering Damascus or promoting independent Arab nations, Lawrence was pitching tents in the desert courtesy of a man named John Bruce. Lawrence would pay Bruce to whip him with a stick and then write up a detailed account of the beating.

Well, we all have our weird turn-ons. But here's where it gets a bit creepy:

Lawrence wrote an autobiographical book called The Seven Pillars of Wisdom in 1922. It contains a graphic and, uh, extremely detailed scene in which Lawrence is captured by the Turks and then brutally raped. Scholars now think that event never actually happened, and that his group rape and torture by Turkish soldiers was a bit of erotic slash fiction.

Starring himself.

#1. Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Rousseau was one of the most influential philosophers of all time. His work The Social Contract was one of the primary inspiring documents for the Declaration of Independence and strongly shaped the Constitution.

By proxy, it is also responsible for The Patriot.

But Behind Closed Doors...

When Rousseau released his autobiography, you might think he would hold back on certain details considering he was still alive at the time and couldn't hide behind the whole "dead" thing to protect himself from painfully incriminating embarrassment. Of course that would be boring, so Rousseau decided on full disclosure and focused a lot on how he loved nothing more than being spanked.

"Nothing, not even this ascot."

He attributed the development of his spanking fetish to when he was eight-years old, when he got spanked by his adopted mother, saying, "Who would believe this childish discipline, received at eight-years old, from the hands of a woman of 30, should influence my propensities, my desires, my passions, for the rest of my life, and that in quite a contrary sense from what might naturally have been expected?"

While a spanking fetish isn't exactly the most nefarious thing in the world, Rousseau was such spank-crazed bastard that he simply couldn't control his urges. While the man was living as a drifter, he would drop his pants and run ass-first at any females that happened by in hopes of getting smacked. We're guessing that most people's reaction to a bare ass charging full-steam towards them isn't going to be to spank it. Then again, maybe if you try it enough times...

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