17 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

#7. "Somebody Keyed My Mountain Picture!"

It looks like the artist was dabbing in snow at the top of that mountain in the upper left at the moment he had a stroke. Just spazzing out with a random zig-zag the whole way down the scene.

Even more terrifying, it's actually a road--Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps, named one of the best driving roads in the world by Top Gear. Judging from the second picture, some highway guardrail manufacturer stands to make a fortune on this place.

#6. The Bad News is We Had to Cut Down All of the Trees

We admit it: We never get tired of stuff that's way bigger or way smaller than it should be.

On that note, this monster bookshelf is Kansas City's main library. It's certainly attention grabbing enough to get kids off the Internet and into reading (just kidding kids, keep reading Cracked!), but we're guessing it also created the rubbernecking accident capital of the world. What would be even more awesome is if you pulled on a certain book, the whole thing would swing around and reveal a secret building.

#5. Birds Do Not Like To Be Photographed

This would be another example. Or at least we think.

This is a flock of starlings giving you the finger. We're still holding out hope that somewhere there's a bird trainer who has devoted his life to teaching huge flocks to do nothing but this.

#4. Sir Please Do Not Walk On My Abstract Painting

This looks to us like one of those awful composite shots of some miniature rocks with a guy shopped in. It's actually a real picture of a frozen river in India, as photographed by Sankar Sridhar, who has all sorts of equally cool photos on his site.

Natives of the area around this river only walk on the ice with padded shoes since anything else would damage the sacred frozen water, and it might refuse to freeze in the future. Boy are these guys going to be pissed when they find out about global warming.

#3. And Speaking of Things That Look Like Paintings

If you look at this one close, you'll see what's going on here. Her left hand, and some strands of hair give away the fact that this is not a painting or a photo run through the Photoshop watercolor filter, but an actual woman whose body has been painted to look like it.

So we guess it is sort of a painting, only they used a woman as a canvas. Then presumably they position her in a window and when people come by to look at the "painting" she reaches out and grabs them and everyone laughs.

#2. The Most Roundabout Way to Say "Wash Me"

This looks like a sarcastic print ad for a car wash, but that is a real car and that is real dirt and a real detailed landscape smeared into it. It's the work of artist Scott Wade and to be fair to the car's owner, he added the dirt himself.

#1. We're Pretty Sure This is Symbolic, But Not Sure What It's Symbolic For

At the very least this looks like a posed shot, or maybe some sort of weird lobbyist advertisement trying to drum up some funding for our troops. But it's actually a real image captured of U.S. soldiers ambushed by the Taliban, and one guy who didn't have time to change into his war clothes. Why do we issue our troops huge, pink comedy boxers? BECAUSE WE ELECTED A DEMOCRAT.

CONTINUE: 17 MORE Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped...

By the way, are you good at using Photoshop in humorous ways? Because we pay people for humorous image manipulation. That link has all the details, you can submit stuff at any time. No obligations. Our cash is real. For more photos that will make you scream "FAKE!" check out The 8 Manliest Images on the Internet and The 15 Most Shameless Fake Photos Ever Passed Off as Real.

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