5 Pathetic Groups That People Think Rule the World

#3. The Council on Foreign Relations

"The Bushes and Clintons, The Neo-Cons, Republicans, Democrats, Communist and the Socialist all sit at the same Round Table. The Council of Foreign Relations. Another term for treason!"

-YouTube video.

Who Are They?

After World War I, a group of about 150 scholars were hired to advise the president about how to navigate a chaotic, post-war world. They never stopped doing that, and for about 90 years they've worked as a private "think tank" that "advises" the government on foreign policy. And steals babies.

Who Thinks They Control the World?

Historian Carroll Quigley's 1,350-page, unfootnoted 1966 brain fart, Tragedy & Hope, mentioned the little-known think tank, saying it would do anything to further its agenda of globalization. Conspiracy nuts took that ball and ran with it, and now there are bestselling books and endless YouTube videos blowing the lid off their horrifying plans for mankind.

And Angelina Jolie will speak unto them, as it was prophesied in Wanted!

Why People Believe It:

There's no question, the CFR is a very influential group. The Council was singlehandedly responsible for Nixon's diplomatic relations with Communist China, as they were the ones who pressed the idea that reaching out to China wouldn't be political suicide.

Toss in secrecy clauses, the slew of members in high-ranking political posts and it's only a matter of time before we get a group photo of the whole council on holiday in Hell itself.

Why It's Retarded:

The Council on Foreign Relations is basically the idiot at work who blurts out every retarded idea that goes through his head, even though 95 percent of his suggestions get shot down for being completely fucking stupid and the other five percent the company was probably going to do anyway.

In the late 1950s, the Council tried to convince Congress to work with the Communist North Vietnamese to prevent the Vietnam war, and Congress told them to suck it. The Council has been advocating everything from nuclear non-proliferation to merging the U.S., Canada and Mexico to ending the war on terror.

Notice how the U.S. Government has done none of those things. That's the thing, they are influential in that Washington pays attention to them, but nothing makes any of the CFR's demands binding. The government can take the advice or leave it and it mostly does the latter.

It turns out it's kind of hard to secretly run the world via a series of wordy suggestions.

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