14 More of the Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever

As we chronicled in our previous installment, context can be everything when talking about song lyrics. It's easy to pull one line from a homophobic tough-guy gangsta rapper that, on its own, makes him sound ravenously gay.

So let's do that now.

#14. Canibus - "Second Round K.O."

The Lyric:
"You might got more cash than me, but you ain't got the skills to eat a nigga's ass like me."

What He's Probably Saying:

"Despite what your extravagant wealth may imply, I am, in fact, the more superior rapper and can destroy the ego of any opponent."

What We Like To Think He's Saying:

"You might be rich, but you will never toss a salad the way I do."

#13. Ice-T - "99 Problems"

The Lyric:
"I got a bitch who's a man"

What He's Probably Saying:

"That dude is a bitch!"

What We Like To Think He's Saying:

"That dude is my transvestite girlfriend!"

#12. Mac Dre - "Back N Da Hood"

The Lyric:
"I need some cock hella bad, I need to be free. Steady dreaming about wrecking guts and cock. Laying on my bunk busting nuts in socks."

What He's Probably Saying:

"You know what sucks? Being in jail. I need to get out of here. Seriously, I need some pussy. I dream about it every night. Whoa, don't put that sock on!"

What We Like To Think He's Saying:

"Jail is lonely as shit. I just sit around beating off and wishing I was free. Maybe I'll feel better if I get some dick."

#11. Sheek Louch - "Good Love"

The Lyric:
"Now I'm in the club, no V.I.P.
I'm down low where every last hoodlum be
I feel baby boy tryin to ice grill me
Walk up to him, you know nice and polite
Let him now it's real, lift the shirt up light
I'ma let it off cause I ain't tryin to fight"

What He's Probably Saying:

"So I'm in the club, right? And I mean in the club, not up in V.I.P. or some weak stuff like that. Anyway, I'm walking around and I see this dude eying me. So I walk over to him, and I'm all, 'Hello sir, I'm not here for fisticuffs, but I will shoot you. With my gun.'"

What We Like To Think He's Saying:

"So I'm in the club. I'm on the down low... I think you know what I mean. Anyway, I see this guy checking me out. So I walk over to him, but I'm kind of shy around dudes. I didn't really know what to say so I just sorted lifted my shirt up and showed him my abs. He seemed offended so I'm like, 'Relax, I don't want to fight, I'm just hoping to let one off. On your chest or face, if possible.'"

#10. N.E.R.D. - "Rockstar"

The Lyric:
"Guess you ain't heard that we swallow guys."

What He's Probably Saying:

"You may not know this, but we're very monster-like in the way we approach confrontation."

What We Like To Think He's Saying:

"In case you haven't heard, we swallow, guys."

#9. N.E.R.D. - "Lap Dance"

The Lyric:
"I dare a motherfucker to come in my face."

What He's Probably Saying:

"Seriously, I wish a motherfucker would step in my face. They'll get knocked the fuck out."

What We Like To Think He's Saying:

"Go ahead, blow that hot load in my face. I dare you!"

#8. Ghostface Killah featuring Jadakiss - "Run"

The Lyric:
Jadakiss: I might gotta take my shirt off
Ghostface: Yeah, kid
Jadakiss: I like that one
Ghostface: Uh-huh, go in, go in

What They're Probably Saying:

Jadakiss: I'm very excited right now. So much so that I may even take my shirt off.
Ghostface: That's a wonderful idea.
Jadakiss: This beat is super.
Ghostface: I concur. This would be an excellent time to enter the recording booth.

What We Like To Think They're Saying:

Jadakiss: I'm getting really hot right now. I should probably take my shirt off.
Ghostface: Yeah, take it off.
Jadakiss: You have a lovely ass.
Ghostface: I know. You should put your boner in it.

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