15 MORE Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Sometimes, real life is stranger than Photoshop.

This is the second in our series about jaw-dropping pics that make you shout "FAKE!" the moment you see them, but in fact are not. Even if, in some cases, we really wish they were ...

#15. Night of the Lepus

We couldn't tell if this was the most horrifying or most adorable thing we'd ever seen, until we learned the backstory. First terrifying detail: it is real. There's even video. This species of giant gray bunnies are bred by a guy in Germany ... for food.

Look people, we're going to say it extra slow this time, and we're going to link every word to evidence: Germany. Is. Freaking. Weird. If you choose to travel there, please don't return with photographs.

#14. Hannah Montana Gummi Cocks

Speaking of disturbing food, what is clearly a gummi dong to our eyes is supposedly a guitar. But yes, the candy is real and yes, the flesh-colored phalluses are in every bag.

#13. Miners from Lilliput Explore the Interior of a Geode

Okay, that doesn't even look like a good Photoshop. Yet, it's a real photo, taken in the Cave of Crystals in Mexico.

"FAAKE!!! ... AAKE!! ... AKE!"

It's believed that the combination of mineral rich water and high temperatures resulted in super charged growth of the crystals. So Lex Luthor's plan in Superman Returns wasn't retarded after all.

#12. The Streets As Seen by Salvador Dali

This melting building is actually just a regular building covered in a huge tarp with the Dali-esque design painted on it. It's covering an apartment building undergoing renovation in Paris.

Hats off to the French. In a single stroke they hide unsightly construction and fool all passersby into thinking someone spiked their espresso. Now if they could only figure out why people keep plowing their cars into buildings undergoing renovation in Paris.

#11. The Penis Extension Most Likely to Accidentally Castrate You

While this looks like a pretty ingenious photoshop mocking the Swiss Army Knife manufacturers, the reality is far, far stupider: it's an actual Swiss Army Knife so huge as to be utterly useless for any task. It features a whopping 85 tools, including something that looks like it's for circumcising a baby.

On whole, the knife is nine inches wide and weighs two pounds. Here's an important outdoorsmen tip: When your knife has a handle three times wider than the blade is long, you're not carrying a knife, you're carrying a paperweight. One that's far more likely to stab you than anyone else.

#10. Recommended by Four out of Five Dentists to Ward off Attacks by Giant Asian Men

This billboard from Indonesia is a creative effort by the Formula Toothcare company to illustrate the fact that their toothpaste builds strong teeth, though there's a special bonus message for very young children: people in pictures can only come alive if they're very big and hungry enough to eat you.

#9. A Rare Shot of the Endangered African What the Fuck is That

That dayglo smiley hovering in the air in the middle of the jungle is actually a Bird of Paradise engaging in a completely ridiculous mating ritual. The markings are actually on the bird's chest feathers, which it can puff up to display the pattern.

It'd be like being born with a shitty fad t-shirt permanently stuck to your body.

#8. German Figures Out the Secret to Levitation, Refuses to Share

This seemingly faked photo can easily be explained away as sorcery. Unfortunately, it's actually a street performer named Johan Lorbeer, who stands in a harness hanging from a fake arm that's attached to the building.

The real magic is that the support system up there doesn't crush his nuts.

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