The 7 Most Terrifying Disney Movie Deaths

#3. Gaston, from Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is the last thing you would expect to come out of France. He's a big, strong hunter that get's all the babes in Belle's town. He brags a lot and shows off his ultra-manly chest hair almost as often. He's like the leader of the whole town just because he's such a stud. He's also mildly retarded.

"What is this, some kind of sandwich with words on it?"

He ignores the gorgeous blondes that come after him all the time, instead going after a brunette that has no interest in him whatsoever. This is likely because Belle represents the modern independent woman, who shuns egotistical jerks like Gaston and greatly favors smart guys, at least in cartoons.

"Reading is sexy."

How He Died:

Gaston, most likely jealous of Beast's chest hair, leads an angry mob (torches and pitchforks included) to storm the castle where he lives. Because the castle is full of moving, talking furniture, hilarity ensues. After an epic confrontation with Beast, Gaston is left dangling over a precipice. Beast pulls a Simba and spares his life, leading to an understanding and peaceful reconciliation between the two.

No, we're just kidding. Beast is promptly stabbed in the back, proving that, if you have your adversary at your mercy, for God's sake, finish him off.

Gaston is then knocked off the tower, and is impaled on a cluster of spikes that seem to exist for no reason other than for plummeting villains to land on.

Given the baffling number of enchanted objects that exist in the castle, these spikes were probably anthropomorphic balladeers, singing a cheery tune as Gaston was (ironically, mind you) shanked in the back by them.

We can't help but wonder if a sunny day's walk in the garden after Belle's and the Prince's (formerly Beast) honeymoon wasn't suddenly interrupted by the sight of Gaston's mangled corpse, left there as a warning to all who would cross them.

#2. Syndrome, from The Incredibles

In the old days, when Mr. Incredible fought crime daily on the streets, he met a little inventor kid who wanted to be his sidekick. Mr. Incredible turns him down, and the boy gets pissed.

After years and years of angsty plotting, he finally lures Mr. Incredible to his island to kill him and launch his master plan to... become a superhero. Okay, then!

How He Died:

Syndrome, after being defeated by a slew of superheroes in the city, escapes to steal Mr. and Mrs. Incredible's baby son. He succeeds and flies into the air, laughing maniacally.

The baby, Jack-Jack, then changes into some sort of demon and starts beating the crap out of Syndrome. Syndrome drops the baby, and Mrs. Incredible catches him, leaving Syndrome without hostage.

Mr. Incredible throws a car at Syndrome, and it hits his escape plane, knocking Syndrome into the engine of the jet.

The jet turbines suck him up, the razor-sharp blades dicing him into dozens of tiny pieces, turning his body into salsa from the feet up.

Mercifully, the plane explodes, ending his agony with a quick fiery death. Who's the superhero now, kid! Not you! Because you're a charred and mutilated corpse!

#1. Frollo, from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Frollo is the bigwig of the Church in Paris. He has a thing for Esmeralda, but also wants her to burn in Hell for being so ridiculously hot, as evidenced in the best melodramatic song in any Disney movie ever. He also killed Quasimodo's mother and got Quazi to live in the Cathedral, never leaving his entire life.

And this picture makes him look like a creepy ol' pervert.

How He Died:

Frollo finally just gets sick of Quasimodo, and wants to kill him along with Esmeralda. Quasi grabs his hand just before Frollo can stab him, and completely overpowers the old man. Quasimodo grabs Esmeralda and runs outside to the Cathedral roof, conveniently setting the scene for a dramatic final battle.

Everyone somehow ends up hanging over a ledge, with Esmeralda holding Quasi and Frollo and flames raging below. Quasimodo fails to let go of Frollo and kill him, so once more the hero is punished for that decision.

Frollo swings over to another ledge and draws his sword again. As he prepares to decapitate Esmeralda, he quotes:

"...And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!"

...after which the gargoyle he is standing on (it's implied that the gargoyle is sentient, or an angel or something) breaks and sends Frollo plunging down.

Deayth-y goodness at 2:12

Not just any death. Frollo plunges into a lake of fire clearly meant to symbolize Hell, where his flesh will be burned continually for eternity. Proving once again there is no god more cruel and vengeful than Disney.

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