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Is The Happening actually happening? [FoxNews.]
Thanks to Snake Face in the Mirth Canal.

FoxNews Splits from the US [The Deadbeat]

Sara Ballint Loves That Wallpaper [GorillaMask]

Because Cracked can't always be around to horrify you, here's some skin growths to look at. [Ask Men]

Learning to Play Guitar to Get You Laid: Volume 1. [College Humor]

A Cool Vampire: [Liquid Generation]

Billy Mays orders McDonald's. [College Humor]
Thanks to sr3116 in the Mirth Canal.

Bad drawings of celebrities. [Holy Taco]

Eels! Eels! Eels! [Adult Swim]

99 Photos of Fail. [Manofest]

Hot beard growing action. [I Am Bored]

Promotions that are bad for your health. [Asylum]

The Wolf and The Pig. [Fark]

Veronika Zemanova! [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: More than you ever need to know about Shredder's bumbling henchmen


Dirty Bird Special: Daily Show Explores STDs & Senior Sex [HuffPo Comedy]

Spike Jonze will adapt anything [YouTube]

You don't have to be crazy to own a costume shop, but.... oh wait, YES, YES you do [Fark]

Gentlemen and gentlemen: Natalie Noelle! [GorillaMask]

Fish make a lot of enemies. [Ask Men]

Batman can't get no respect. [College Humor]

What if your social network profile came to life after you logged out? []

TMZ reports that Snoop Dogg's wife is dead (she's not), uses clever word play "Deady-Dead" in the headline [MediaTakeout]

Goddamn Snarf [Liquid Generation]

PETA v. Aging Hipsters [CNN]
Thanks to Ominous Oat in the Mirth Canal.

God's Top Gun of Deliverance takes our breath away. [Holy Taco]

FoxNews does a timely report on 4Chan. [FoxNews]
Thanks to Schroeder in the Mirth Canal.

25 Celebrities if They Were Bald. [Manofest]

"I'm really taking a lichen to this tree." [I Am Bored]

Stephen Colbert and congressman go through the looking glass. [Asylum]

The dreams of every Star Wars fanboy have been realized. [Gizmodo]
Thanks to Secret Agent in the Mirth Canal.

A gallery of hot girls in bunny costumes. [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Cultural Depictions of Philadephia


Disney stopped trying pretty early on. []

The Odyssey, as composed in Twitter. [Holy Taco]

The Cracked writers make retarded Xtranormal videos! [TheMirthCanal]
Be sure to check out the the contributions from Nathan Birch and Sanchez.

It's a compendium of America's best political cartoons! And they're all terrible! [TheMirthCanal]
Thanks to Lieutenant.

Kim Kardashian is Photoshopped [Liquid Generation]

Brandi Pierce has that girl next door (to Hugh Heffner's neighbor) thing going for her []

Scenes from a Japanese dick festival. [Asylum]

If you close your eyes Rachael Ray isn’t so bad… [Fark]

Know what’s in your sushi? [Askmen]

Colbert: Secular Stormtroopers Wage War On Easter (VIDEO) [HuffPo Comedy]

The Foot Thong [I-Am-Bored]

Truly fuckable Nerf guns. [Popular Mechanics]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: The List of the 86 Different Pepsi Types is about 84 Entries Too Long.


History is full of firsts. We made that observation f1rst, n00b. []

While most children shows were conceived on bad acid, this one stars a bald monk on acid interacting with children [Fark]

Terrifying baby snuggle or "Quaid ... start the reactor. Free Mars!" [

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