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Hillbilly Beatboxing [Holy Taco]

3600 old VHS covers of movies that probably didn't make the leap to DVD [CoverBrowser]
Thanks to Sanchez.

Street musicians performing "Stand by Me" around the globe (Watch this now if you're having a bad day) []
Thanks to Kalli.

Why you shouldn't let quadruple amputees watch Disney sports movies: Quadruple Amputee Kyle Maynard Loses MMA Debut [MMA Fanhouse]
Thanks to Ninja .

South Park's Finest Celebrity Impersonations [Liquid Generation]

Zombie Hooker Nightmare: A Flash Game []

Natasha Q looks very little like the Q from Bond films []

101 Hot "Bikini Slave Leia" Photos [Manofest]

Weirdest Season of SNL Ever []

Larger Boobs Through Science? Yes we can! [Asylum]

Tony Danza rips on local news, not realizing he's on local news [Fark]

Snoutbreak '09: The "Daily Show" Mocks The Swine Flu Scare-Off [HuffPo Comedy]

"Financial Services" To Avoid [Askmen]

Mr Gay Rides Pluto the Lion [I-Am-Bored]

Vegetarians Are Harming the Environment [The Deadbeat]

Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Think you're rude to the missionaries that show up on your doorstep? Operation Auca.


It's a hot chick doing yoga! [The Daily Mail.]
Thanks to ginenbijnoam in the Mirth Canal.

Jimmy Kimmel Tests Terrible Toys On Unsuspecting Children [Huffington Post]

It's Japanese and called Don't Ram The Boobs. Yes. [Gorillamask]

Kundun got robbed. KUNDUN GOT ROBBED! [Ask Men]

Kanye and T-Pain's apprentice reads the news. [College Humor]

It's no "She Loves My Cock" by Jackyl but we dig it. [I Heart Chaos]

Where frat antics and D&D meet: naked wizard tasering (NSFW) [ Huffington Post]
Thanks to LeCompte in the Mirth Canal.

Samurai Toad and other villainous animals. [Holy Taco]

Where are the fake boobs? Playboys from your father's generation. [Playboy]
Thanks to Ripper in the Mirth Canal.

Matthew McConaughey is an abomination but he stands next to some foxy ladies from time to time. [Manofest]

Cheerleaders in slow motion. You're welcome. [I Am Bored]

Boner-killing William H. Macy has no business offering sex advice, but he does anyhow. [Asylum]

Great Scott! Back to the Future actually nailed some stuff. [11 Points]

10 potheads that put Cracked readers to shame. [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: The Humanzee (or Manpanzee)


99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless You're a Loser or Old or Something []
Thanks to sadistic midget in the Mirth Canal.

Your Business Card is Crap []

The entire range of human emotion in a few seconds: Slow motion sneezing [GorillaMask]

The Five Toughest Cities in the World [Ask Men]

Legalize 'Shrooms! Or on second thought ... [College Humor]

The YouTube Whore: One of the most interesting species of Internet being. [Liquid Generation]

Of all the Samuel L Jackson movies to come true when Samuel L Jackson isn't around ... [Yahoo]
Thanks to Secret Agent in the Mirth Canal.

Guy passes the fuck out on Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is less than helpful [YouTube]

Are unicorn tattoos a bad idea or an awesome one? After viewing this gallery we're still not sure ... [Holy Taco]

Quagmire's 10 Horniest Clips [Adult Swim]

15 Awesomely Giant Things [ Oddee ]

Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) explains American Slang vs. English Slang [I Am Bored]

Horrifying stories about losing one’s virginity. [Asylum]

Christian folk duo God's Pottery discovers Segways 10 years after everyone else [Fark]

10 Things From Your 20s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40 [Coed Magazine]

And finally, Your Insane Wikipedia Page of the Day: Incredibly gory death blast rips through four people on a small submarine: Thanks science!

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