5 Bizarre Ways the Weather Can Kill You Without Warning

#2. Heat Burst

What the...?

So you're relaxing on your porch after a storm, pretty much enjoying yourself when you notice the temperature going up, and fast. Like somebody just turned on an oven, and you're inside.

Then, a howling wind kicks up out of fucking nowhere and knocks you flat on your back right there on your own damn porch. And maybe takes the porch with it, too.

They call it a heat burst. They're as vicious as tornadoes, only tiny and even harder to predict. The first one on record is in Portugal, 1949, and while there were no official instruments to record the temperature, it was reported that it spiked from 100 to 158 degrees in only two horrifying minutes.

Then, just like that, it was gone.

What? How?!?

Like most of the items on this list, scientists only have an educated guess as to what causes these sudden, pants-shittingly rapid rises in temperature.

What we know is there is also a huge drop in moisture in the spot. They usually appear in the wake of a storm, so one explanation is that evaporated water mixes with air, which causes it to drop really fast. This compresses the air, and compressed air naturally heats up. Then it expands, creating a sudden wind that breaks shit.

We like to think of it as mother nature farting right in your face, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Chances of it Happening to YOU:

There have been four reported heat bursts in the United States this year. It's still a pretty slim chance the thing would actually hit your town, but it's not like you can really do anything about it if it does.

That's the thing, even a tornado gives you some warning. These things can just pop up and start smacking you with broken tree limbs. What could be worse than a sudden invisible mini-tornado?

#1. Invisible Tornadoes

What the...?

This one is like a scene from a horror movie. There you are, minding your own business, say, camping with your girlfriend. Then comes this strange sound, and the wind picks up. You can't tell which direction it's coming from...but it's close.

When you get up to investigate, BAM! You get slammed with a 100 mile an hour wind, and flung 500 feet away.

It's the fabled invisible tornado, or as we like to call it, the ninja tornado.

Photoshop courtesy of Bakudai.

What? How?!?

The only reason you can see a regular tornado is because of the dirt and water particles flying around in it. Its just swirling wind, after all.

However, tornadoes sometimes happen in places with little or no debris to pick up, like rocky deserts. All it takes is a vast difference in temperature between weather systems. In an environment with no moisture, you'll have a whirling cloud of death that you will never see coming.

No tornado here. Or is there?

Chances of it Happening to YOU:

These things are pretty rare, even in the rocky desert. Still, if traveling to such an area, we recommend you scatter a ring of debris around you wherever you go, just in case. For many of us, this does not require a change in lifestyle.

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