The 7 Greatest Home Shopping Screw Ups of All Time

#3. The Infamous Moth Horse

Apparently, this guy read off the teleprompter that this huge, perfectly clear picture of a moth was actually a horse, thus creating a live TV moment so surreal the viewer begins to doubt their own sanity:

The problem of course is that he keeps on calling it a horse even after he clearly looks at the enormous picture. He keeps on digging himself deeper and deeper into this hole as he starts literally outlining the features of the imaginary horse with his finger.

Go ahead, try and follow his outline to see what he sees. "This is a big horse!" Actually, crazy man, that picture makes it a pretty goddamn small horse. It would be huge if it were of, say, some sort of tiny flying insect.

How He Tried To Save It:

That he so steadfastly stands behind his mistake for so long, instead of admitting he was wrong right away, speaks volumes about this guy's personality. For a while the guy sounds like he'd refuse to back down from his horse ruling even with a gun to his head.

He then tries to look his smartest right after his producer tells him that the picture is of a butterfly by laughing and saying, "Actually, it may in fact, be a moth." Ohhh, Bill Nye over here can tell the difference between a moth and a butterfly! Look, buddy, you already made yourself look like you deserve a helmet indoors, there's no coming back from that.

#2. Ladder Fall #2

The male host of this home shopping show was tragically unfamiliar with his product and winds up almost severing his spinal cord because of that fact.

When the host goes up to test the ladder's durability (in a damn fine suit we might add), he mistakenly leaves the ladder in the unlocked position and causes it to collapse on itself, perhaps in fear of his mighty professional attire.

The highlight is when the ladder was obviously about to collapse, and he had a moment where he could have gotten off, but instead he claimed that the ladder had locked itself into place in a moment of denial almost equaling horse/moth guy. It's almost as if he was saying, "no don't worry, when the internet gets invented, I'll be the most famous home shopping co-host of all time! Then those assholes at the cleaners will HAVE to take my headshot!"

How They Tried To Save It:

The female host, who up until this point has been the voice of reason, simply looks down at the male host in one of the greatest "I told you so" moments we've ever seen. Her shallow, "Are you OK?" is only accented by the complete lack of help she tries to offer him in getting up. We're guessing their working relationship was summed up in that moment.

The male host, who by all accounts should have either lost consciousness or at least knocked out most of his teeth, only takes a few seconds to collect himself before he starts talking again. We're sure the sales started to go back through the roof once he reassured the audience by saying, "But, it is very safe to operate."

#1. Dude LOVES His Dell

"Randy" (ha,ha we get it) calls up QVC to tell them about secrets that no man's browsing history would ever tell. From the outset, Randy seems way too perfect of a caller, too articulate for the decrepit shut-ins who seem to call in to these shows just because they so desperately crave human interaction. Unfortunately, it all turns sour for the hosts when Randy starts talking about the massive amounts of porno that he watches on his beautiful new Dell.

How They Tried To Save It:

This is probably our favorite part. Instead of doing what many hosts have done before (see the countless prank calls to C-SPAN), this guy tries to play along with the caller.

After Randy tells them how great Dells are for porn, you can hear the male host say, "Awesome," which he quickly tried to qualify with the statement "now ... we don't guarantee that." The crowning achievement of this host's career has to come in the last second of the video where he either makes one of the smartest or most incidental double entendres ever seen on home shopping. "He got his!" WINK WINK. "And obviously he's lovin' it."

Kudos home shopping host man, you have straddled a line very rarely seen by TV personalities of your caliber.

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