6 Best Shenanigans Passed Off As Art

#3. Wim Delvoye's "Cloaca Machine"

What the Hell is That?

In the animal world, a cloaca is the posterior opening that serves as the intestinal, urinary and (usually) genital tract. While this makes life for birds, amphibians and reptiles a good deal more efficient, it is also the reason why their pornography gets stale so quickly.

In the art world, the Cloaca is the brainchild of Wim Delvoye, a stylized packaging of faux fecal matter. His choice of branding is evocative of the highly recognizable Coca-Cola font, allowing him to create art and show his Pepsi allegiance in one fell swoop.

He has actually developed multiple industrial mechanisms that take edibles in and, mirroring the chemical and physical churning in human digestion, outputs what great artists refer to as a sphincter biscuit:

The production of this anal art has been discontinued, apart from a number set aside for "future capitalization." All you savvy investors with Ziploc baggies and space in the freezer might be wise to do the same.

Why We're Calling Shenanigans'

It would be juvenile to say that just because this art involves poop that it is inherently a joke. We're sure there are plenty of inspired examples in the art world of the same. Just please, for the love of God, don't ask us to Google for it again.

Delvoye has always made odd choices of his canvas. In the '90s he rose to prominence as a pig tattoo artist as well. Seriously.

However, around that same time, he discovered that poop was a far more compelling medium and began to integrate it subtly into intricate mosaic designs.

He even used his own bowel movements, perhaps to keep it feeling more intimate. Rumor has it that his next exhibition will be contained in flaming paper bags, presented to various MOMA locations by ringing the doorbell and ditching it on their porch. This man quite literally has a career of selling shit to anyone who will buy it and therefore we must declare shenanigans (or, at a minimum, the lesser declaration of "fecalphiliac").

#2. Phillippe Meste's "Spermcube.org"

What the Hell is That?

Friend, have we ever got a deal for you. What if we told you that you could establish your cultural footprint on the world and start earning money with a few minutes of work? You even can, and probably should, work from the comfort of your own home! All you need to do is send for one our complimentary information packets:

Just fill out the pertinent details and top off the vials with as much ejaculate as you can muster for our gigantic basin of man milk and we'll do the rest!

Why We're Calling 'Shenanigans'

The Spermcube art project is a rare mixture of equal parts investment, jizz, and shenanigans. It is a refrigerated cube, 1 meter squared, which has a volume of 1,000 Liters (~264 gallons) that is intended to be filled to the brim with spooge.

For a quick frame of reference, that would represent at least 200,000 explosions at the yogurt factory. Once this lofty goal is reached, they will have the largest free-standing repository of busted nuts since Paris ... ah, forget it.

Anyway, the artistic intentions are not delineated in the site anywhere since it is portrayed as a for-profit venture. It essentially offers shares in the future value of this cube in the form of these cards:

Reviews of this installation vary widely, but most of the gravitate around "Ew."

#1. Richard Prince's "Appropriation Art"

What the Hell is That?

Cracked.com has developed a new interactive web feature that will allow you to simulate the reality of being an appropriation artist.

Step One: Look

For those that never strolled through a college dorm room or befriended a low-rent naturalist, this is an Ansel Adams print. It is probably entitled "More Goddamn Nature, Number 10 billionty and 4".

Step Two: Photograph

Grab your nearest camera and take a picture of this photograph.

Step Three: Rejoice

Congratulations. Print and hang it in the Guggenheim. Or sell it for $332,300 in auction at Christie's, as artist Richard Prince did with a picture of a Marlboro Ad in 2003.

Yes, kids, Prince has a whole series of acclaimed works, that he created by photographing other photographs taken by other people. So what's to stop us from photographing Prince's rephotoed photos? Our sense of shame.

Why We're Calling 'Shenanigans'

Are you fucking kidding us?

More of Ian's cultural perspectives/poop jokes can be found at InternetSensation.

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