The 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around the World


The Japanese have a weird relationship with poop. On the one hand they love it. On the other hand ... there is no other hand. That's why it's weird.


This man does not know why he must wear the poop hat. He can only grimly accept his fate.


"Hey, what's the deal with that blonde girl talking on the phone over there? I've never noticed her before."

"Her?" (looks) "Oh. We don't have to worry about her."

"Why not?"

"Just because."


Stories about dolls that have to go undercover as cats to bust up feline organized-crime syndicates is one of those quirky Japanese things that Western culture hasn't appropriated yet. Yet.


And, just as we sometimes adopt and misunderstand certain features of Japanese culture, so, too, do the Japanese sometimes misunderstand ours.


Making toilet training fun and approachable is an admirable goal, but this seems like a good way for your child to develop an unnatural affection toward their own waste products. At a bare minimum, the sympathetic "Why me?" faces on the waste products will make flushing the toilet a psychologically jarring event.


When designing finger puppets, it's critical to only portray them from the waist up, because as soon as you put legs on them it looks like you're giving your diminutive new friend one hell of a ride. The dazed expression on this particular example only adds to the effect.


The Japanese version of the Scooby Doo team is made up of Sadslab, Baby Sauron, Raging Emo, Yellowturd and Soulglutton.


We don't care what he says it's for, when a clown comes at you with a syringe, head the other way, quickly.


This is a practice stripper poll, that was yanked from toy store shelves in the U.K. last year when some fussy killjoys questioned whether it was a good idea to market stripper poles toward children.


Yes, that's a gun that fires teddy bears. Although crime is rare in Japan, when it happens, it is absolutely hilarious.


Aside from the ubiquitous LEGO, there's dozens of different building block systems marketed throughout the world. However, none of them are as sexually frustrating as Cock Bloc Super.

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