The 11 Most Unintentionally Poignant Drunk Celebrity Videos

"Any publicity is good publicity."

The Clip:
Paula Abdul, apparenlty still up and drunk from the night before, spends an excruciatingly awkard 3 minutes with a pair of perky morning show hosts.

Right at the top, Abdul nearly falls off her stool, makes a cheesy joke, then snort-laughs at it as if she just figured out a punch line someone laid on her at the bar last night. In a classic case of Freudian projection, she then claims "it's a wild party" in the studio. No, Paula, the two stern women in business suits are not having a wild party. You, who must occasionally look off camera just to focus your vision, are having a wild party.

What Makes It Poignant:
Yes, American Idol fans, this is where the spunk comes from. It appears that Paula's wacky, effervescent encouragements are fueled by strawberry daiquiris and who knows what else. Is there anything sadder than chemical spunk?

Come on. Deep down, you already knew. Do you think anyone could really muster enthusiasm about executive producing the Bratz movie sober?

"I wanna kiss you. I couldn't care less about the team struggling."

The Clip:
Legendary Jets quarterback Joe Namath puts together some of the longest sentences ever drunkenly rambled to a sidelines' reporter.

You can see the train heading for the cliff as soon as this one starts. Namath is slurring every word and stumbles around looking for the end of each sentence. Strangely, after a full minute of a Namath struggling not to say anything ridiculous, the reporter has a clear chance to send it back to the booth and allow Joe to pass out peacefully on the sideline. But, no, the reporter presses on, and pays for it.

What Makes It Poignant:
Joe Namath is a man who devoted his youth to a brutal sport. He's a man who has ravaged his body for the sake of a team, a legacy, a dynasty, and yes, many millions of dollars. You're telling us that with a few stadium beers in him, he's willing to throw that all away for some shorthaired, puffy-coated sports reporter? Say it ain't so, Joe. At least Suzy had the decency to withstand his advances; Lord knows few of us could have done the same.

"I would like it better if you did the show topless ..."

The Clip:
Ben Affleck shows off his acting abilities by improvising the lead up to a violent rape.

First of all, if that passes for an interview in Montreal, they must know jack shit about upcoming movies. As for highlights, we hate to draw any positive attention to Affleck's actions, but we have to note that his Pepe Le Pew impression is pretty dead on, considering that Le Pew was also an aggressive sexual predator.

What Makes It Poignant:
If you take away the fact that this is Ben Affleck, on TV absolutely nothing distinguishes him from that guy at your dorm party who scares the chicks off within the first 20 minutes. He takes every possible opportunity to slyly return the conversation to the woman's rack and grasps her firmly throughout.

If you really want to get chills, check out 4:50 when the background music ends and a producer restarts it a few seconds later. We presume it's to avoid feeling like he was filming an amateur porno.

"There's a daily cash price of $1,000 and ... FUCK!"

The Clip:
Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek--with mustache--attempts to record some spots for the show and ends up repeatedly shouting this four-letter expletive.

What is fuck, Alex? You've got to love that we see him progress from drinking a can of beer to drinking from what looks to be a crystal goblet of vodka. Way to roll like a gangsta, Trebek. Also, the little frown he gives after saying "son of a bitch" at 0:22 reminds us of Will Ferrell at his best.

What Makes It Poignant:
The emotional impact of this clip can only be truly appreciated by those of us with parents who crowded around the TV every night during dinner to shout questions at the screen. Oh, mighty Lord of all trivia, how far you have fallen. We used to think you had all the answers; now you just remind us of our dads, cursing belligerently and presumably referring to your testicles as "The Daily Double."

"She's a public school bitch!"

The Clip:
Paris and Nikki Hilton ask someone at a party to videotape them, and then seem to immediately forget that someone is videotaping them.

The scandalous part of the tape comes around 2:50 when Paris states that she and her sister are "like two n*****s." But for our money, the best moment is the appearance at 1:45 of "sketchy gay dude" Todd, the Toddster, who dances like someone shooing away a stray cat and wears a hat simply emblazoned "PONY."

About 4 minutes in, if you can tolerate it that long, you'll hear the ultimate Hilton insult: "public school bitch."

What Makes It Poignant:
We're not trying to excuse her behavior, but it's hard to take Paris to task when you imagine how warped her view of life must be. Literally everyone she knows is in some way trying to "be down." Mere moments before her faux pas, the cameraman uses the phrases "Bust a move!" and "Daaaaaamn!"


The Clip:
The Hoff devours a tasty burger in what looks like a terrible cross between a People magazine photo shoot and the tortoise enclosure at the zoo. Best tortoise action hits at 0:23. Watch the pickle.

There is a clear winner in this clip, and it occurs at 0:56, when Hasselhoff's daughter asks him to promise that he won't drink any alcohol that night, and he responds with a single mumbled word: "Gin!" Although to be fair, Hasselhoff spends a lot of time in Austria, where gin isn't even considered an alcohol.

What Makes It Poignant:
If we have to explain why a video of a shirtless man ignoring his daughter's pleas for him to stop drinking is poignant, we're guessing you've probably spent quite a few shirtless evenings on the floor, picking through an exploded hamburger.

The eloquent press release they read that's supposedly from Hasselhoff (almost certainly written by a publicist) gives a hint of just how insulated from any kind of real help celebrities are. That fact really weighed on us around the 103rd time we watched the video.

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