The 7 Most Useless Transformers Ever

#2. Perceptor

Transforms into: A microscope.

Why is he useless?

Perceptor was designed with the sole purpose of going into battle and hanging out with Soundwave to figure out which one was more useless and outdated. It was a real barnburner until Soundwave's tape needed to be turned over and all of his Decepticon pals were busy trying to take over the world.

Perceptor: 1; Soundwave: 0. It should be noted that, though he is the winner, at the end of the day, Perceptor is still a fucking microscope.

#1. Repugnus

Transforms into: ????

Why is he useless?

It's still not really clear what Repugnus turns into. Some scholars claim that his secondary form is a metal crab, while still others maintain that he is just a "Monsterbot." A third school of thought, however, suggests that Repugnus transforms from robot to "Fucking Pointless" in record time.

No matter what he is, it is a widely accepted fact in all circles that Repugnus is the very last one called in an emergency. In a pinch, the Autobots will call Computron to show up and create an algorithm, then they'll call the robot that's also a damn microscope, and then they'll just start sending regular, non-transforming cars and appliances. When finally out of vacuums, Optimus Prime will reluctantly call Crabmonsterbot.

By John Lichman and Daniel O'Brien

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