The 5 Worst Ads From Super Bowl XLI

There's also the woman who says, "Pierce, what's with the new sports car? How about a ride?" because apparently she's only able to speak in questions that sound like they've been written for Dennis the Menace (you half expect her to follow it up with, "Gosh mister!") Pierce replies with a tantalizingly open-ended, "Maybe!" revealing himself as a cunning master of seduction.
We close out the office portion of the commercial with a hypnotized underling (who's named Watley for some reason) coming into Pierce's resplendent office, gazing into Pierce's handsome eyes, and asking, "How do you do it?" Pierce ignores the overwhelming sexual tension, and finally, grandly, let' us in on his little secret: "Only fools work hard. I work smart!" YES! OF COURSE! But wait-what if we work both HARD and SMART? But no, that can't be possible, otherwise Pierce would have told us so. After all, only fools work hard. Hopefully, the millions of school children watching this Super Bowl-cheering on their heroes and believing that they, too, could one day play in the Super Bowl if they put in the practice and spill the blood, sweat, tears-hopefully they take Pierce' advice to heart. "Only fools work hard." Horatio Alger would be proud.

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