The 5 Worst Ads From Super Bowl XLI

Once again the Super Bowl has come and gone, and once again, everyone seems to be talking more about the ads than the game itself. But for all the hype that surrounds the 30-second spots, and for all of the money the companies paid to have them air (a whopping $2.6 million this year) some commercials didn't even seem to be trying. Whether they simply neglected to mention what the product they were selling did, looked like they were produced for cable access television, or featured some of the most hilariously bad acting we've seen since 7th grade sex education, all five of these ads made us wonder exactly what the companies were trying to accomplish. CRACKED presents the five worst ads that $2.6 million could buy this year.

Upon first seeing this ad in the opening quarter of the game, we were giddy with delight, waiting for the Geico caveman to drop in and hit us with the brilliant punch line that the over-achieving Pierce-and his sexually lustful colleagues-so clearly deserve. But it never came, and we were forced to confront the reality that this ad was meant to be taken seriously. Maybe the joke was that the ad never specifies what, exactly, helps you sell. Our guess: either boats or something that isn't a boat.
When the ad was shown again in the third quarter, all of the brilliant moments started jumping out at us. There's the part where Pierce wants to hit the golf course with Walter, but Walter can't make it because he's too busy shuffling through papers and contemplating his inability to achieve an erection. Immediately after, Pierce is stopped by his boss, who tells him, "You're doing great! Wanna come to my house for dinner tonight?" Pierce's boss doesn't waste any time with small talk, because he knows that if you bore Pierce with small talk, Pierce is almost definitely going to fuck your wife.

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