The 5 Most Ridiculous March Madness Ads

2. Agent Erin E-Surance Plays Basketball Against Giant Robots in Space

For some reason, E-Surance's creatively named mascot, Erin E-Surance, is playing a game of basketball in space against a bunch of giant robots.

The robots are totally fucking her up.

Erin talks to her coach, who has just arrived from the year 1973.

He reminds her that robots are susceptible to sick crossovers

"¦and getting farted on.

The robot is so ashamed that his head falls off. Erin takes her coach from behind.


What E-Surance Was Thinking:

"Let's take our consistently unintelligible E-Surance ad campaign to the hardwood in order to slake March Madness fans' insatiable thirst for Japanese-style anime. Despite the fact that she's a cartoon, fans will find Erin and her pink hair sexually attractive in a Gwen Stefani kind of way. Because if there's one thing that gets fans of the Men's NCAA tournament fired up to buy some auto insurance, it's striped retro bell-bottoms, pink hair and women's basketball."

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