The 10 Best Robot Chicken Sketches of All-Time

Seth Green' made it hip to be a nerd again. Who knew the dude who was the werewolf from Buffy the Vampire Slayer was, in fact, a comic genius? We've been enjoying RC for the last two years, and it' about damn time we spread the love. So for all you stoners, drunks and lollygaggers that haven't seen the show-named, apparently, for a meal on a Chinese food menu-we present to you the 10 best sketches Robot Chicken has ever offered up.

10. Ode to the Nut-shot

Original airdate: 2/27/05
In a nutshell: A musical ode to the greatest and oldest comedy staple, the nut-shot.
References: Nut-shots, The 1812 Overture
Why we like it: Well, it' funny. Seriously, go kick your friend in the nuts. He'll find it hysterical. Just remember to tell him the Internet made you do it.

9. Voltron Gets Served

Original airdate: 2/27/05
In a nutshell: Voltron, hero of our youth, goes to battle against a Robeast. But instead of a poorly drawn, sparsely animated fight, we get the match of a lifetime: a dancing battle for street cred"in space.
References: You Got Served, Voltron
Why we like it: There' the break-dancing robots for starters. Also, Lion Voltron could totally school that other Voltron made out of 320,429 cars, planes and boats. But the funniest part is probably when that mouse thing goes "Aw Damn" at the end.

8. Terrorism

Original airdate: 4/6/06
In a nutshell: Robot Chicken lets you know that if you ever try to joke about America, you're supporting terrorism. And if you say "fart," the terrorists will invade your school faster than you can say Red Dawn.
References: War on Terror, President Bush, that movie The Core with Hilary Swank.
Why we like it: This fine educational video shows us that it is in fact hilarious to mock terrorism, the United States and that-oh, wait. Some guys wearing turbans just broke into the office.

7. Fast Food Final Fantasy

Original airdate: 5/21/06
In a nutshell: The characters from Final Fantasy VII work in a fast-food joint, complete with epic battles between Cloud and a potato he has to cut. But the best comes when Cloud must battle his shift manager, Sephiroth, so he can go see the Lakers on Saturday.
References: Final Fantasy
Why we like it: This is equal parts ol' fashioned satire and geek funny. Allows you to fantasize about casting Meteor on your boss so you can get Saturday off.

6. Apocalypse Ponies!

Original airdate: 5/14/06
In a nutshell: Now, if you're kids are being little bastards, just get them Apocalypse Ponies! Collect all four!
References: My Little Pony, Apocalypse
Why we like it: "I'm Death Pony. RAWRRRRRRR!"

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