MILFiest '80s Sitcom Moms

Like beating Castlevania or getting your face kicked in at recess, one of the most influential events in the life of a child of the '80s was seeing one of your friends' moms partially nude. It may have been an accident, or it may have been an "accident," but it happened to all of us sooner or later and left us yearning for more of the same strange, pant-tingling phenomenon. And so, just as with all other unfulfilled desires in life, we turned to the magic picture box for satisfaction. Luckily for us, TV didn't disappoint. (Thanks again, best friend!)

#10. KATE TANNER (Alf)

If Kate Tanner didn't object to harboring a fugitive, cat-murdering alien in her home, why would she object to, say, fellating you for five bucks while Willie Tanner's out bowling? Other than the fact that she's borderline smoking hot, Kate Tanner's apparent lack of any moral code-as well as her surprising, motherly tolerance for physical contract with short, hairy mammals-secures her place in '80s sitcom MILF history.

#9. NORMA ARNOLD (The Wonder Years)

Kevin Arnold's mom gave up both her education and her dreams to follow her college boyfriend across the country and become a stay-at-home mom. And what's more attractive than a woman who'll gladly sacrifice her satisfaction for yours? Of course, that would have been almost entirely negated by her soft weeping during sex.

#8. VIVIAN BANKS (The First One, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Aunt Viv was a disciplinarian for two reasons. First, because who else was going to stop Carlton from exposing himself to Ashley? And second, because if she didn't strictly monitor the motion of Uncle Phil's fat-deposit ocean in the bedroom, she would've been crushed to death under his heaving, fleshy car-torso. But beneath Viv's stern exterior lurked a sultry, mature woman, and beneath her mannish face lurked a disproportionately hot body. (Editor's Note: Yes, Fresh Prince started airing in 1990, but how much did things really change in the few months since the '80s officially ended? Plus, there's this.)

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