WTF!?: The 8 Strangest Communities on the Web

#4. Juggalo Faith (

What it is
An invaluable resource for that rare handful of folks who are both Insane Clown Posse fans (aka "Juggalos") and God-fearing Christians.

Excerpt that Sums Up the Community In A Nutshell

Our Mission: was created for the sole purpose of teaching the message of the carnival. We believe this message is the message of the gospels of Jesus Christ. We believe that Christ died on the cross and suffered for our sins, we believe that he was raised from the dead on the third day, and we believe that he ascended bodily into heaven. We recognize that there is valid teachings in other belief systems but the one and only true path to the father and to heaven (Shangri-La) is Christ and Christ alone. We believe that Christ was born from a virgin mother thus being perfectly human and perfectly God.

Why It Makes Us Uncomfortable
Admittedly, we don't know that much about Insane Clown Posse or the teachings of Jesus Christ, for that matter. But even based on our limited pool of knowledge, we're pretty sure that Jesus never said anything about dressing up like an evil white trash clown. We also don't remember him preaching any sermons entitled Bugz On My Nutz. To be fair, we did skip a lot of Sunday School.

#3. Furrs Fur Christ (

What it is
Does your devotion to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ leave you feeling ostracized from the furry community? Are you beating off to Noah's Ark (aka "The Love Boat") on a regular basis, imagining all those sweaty, furry, engorged genital-having animals locked up in small straw-filled rooms? This, and we're frankly astounded that there even is one, is the place for you.

Excerpt that Sums Up the Community In A Nutshell

...used to be a furvert for a LONG TIME... but recently, I have gone to a christian councelor who helped me through it... It got to the point that I hit rock bottom and I lost all hope. Now, my life has been changed around completely. I have been free from yiff for 6 months and 1week. I have no desire to go back now, but my parents don't understand that. I am going to buy a fursuit soon, just to remind myself about why I never want to go back to the way I was... I proved the furry steriotypes right... I am ashamed, but will not let that stop me. I have God on my side. All I have to do is obey my parents (Honor thy father and mother in the Lord, for this is right) and keep the fur OUTSIDE the house. I hope to get to know EVERYONE here! LOL. I will be on alot. Have a great day!

Why It Makes Us Uncomfortable:
If you really need clarification beyond the above tormented post, just do a Google image search for "yiff" or "furvert" and prepare to claw your own eyes out.

#2. Slash Fan Fiction (

What it is
When you're watching your favorite TV show, do you often find yourself wishing that the plot would be completely derailed by hardcore pornography? If the answer is yes (which you know it is), then the Slash Fan Fiction community might be just the place for you.

Excerpt that Sums Up the Community In A Nutshell

Spock was pleased that he was able to give his Jim so much pleasure. He knew it was an activity outside of the Vulcan culture, but inside their cabin they were safe--and conjugal privacy was held in high regard by his people.

Why It Makes Us Uncomfortable
You know what's weirder than really wanting to see the stars of your favorite TV shows banging? Sitting down at your computer and describing it in 8,000 words.

#1. Boytaurs (

What it is
We don't have the slightest idea.

Excerpt that Sums Up the Community In A Nutshell

There's something wildly, almost primally, attractive about a guy with four legs: the crowding of long, sculpted thigh muscle, the four calf muscles bobbing and working in rhythm with his four-legged walk, the four strong male feet supporting his powerful boytaur body. Boytaurs know this attraction well, and it is our constant joy, both to have and to share.

Why It Makes Us Uncomfortable
It doesn't, actually. Several Cracked editors have four legs, and the ones that don't find it wildly, almost primally attractive.

In Conclusion...

The Internet is a big place filled with sweaty, smelly creatures huddling in the dark drinking Mountain Dew and furiously posting on forums. They all smell like Cool Ranch Doritos and, quite frankly, we're terrified of them. What we're trying to say is that this list, although by no means complete, is the best we're willing to do. If we missed a community even stranger than then, frankly, we're sort of glad. But we welcome you to post a link below. We'll just be a little hesitant to click it.

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