12 Great Video Games With Ridiculous Premises

Guitar Hero

The Premise: As a lover of rock and roll, you get together with your friends to listen to cover versions of great songs and wail away on a Preskool-caliber fake guitar, complete with five brightly colored buttons and flame decals (like on a real guitar).

What Made It Ridiculous: I don't care how good you are at Guitar Hero, you CAN'T PLAY GUITAR. And for that matter, we have to wonder how the hell a band that performs only covers and routinely hits about 80 to 90 percent of the notes in a song gets a glowing review for their five-song set at the Rat Cellar.

Why We Didn't Care: Because we'd already been doing the same thing in our rooms for years, only without fake plastic guitars, computerized judges, or any songs other than Fleetwood Mac' "As Long as You Follow." Also, we'd never had the ability to videotape ourselves getting a perfect score on "Bark at the Moon," upload it to YouTube, and get a million comments admiring us for wasting such a tragically large portion of our short lives.

Mario Party

The Premise: That same plumber from before wants to party with you, and this time the dinosaur and gorilla, rather than eating you and raping the Princess, have agreed to follow the arbitrary rules of a board game in order to determine a victor. The gorilla even put on a tie! It' just like Monopoly, except with more manic mashing of the A button.

What Made It Ridiculous: The realization that you and your friends are readily willing to beat one another mercilessly with N64 controllers based on the outcome of a game where you use a jackhammer to etch Mario' face in cement.

Why We Didn't Care: There' little more satisfying than taking three hours to prove to people you now likely hate that you have what it takes to complete a series of disconnected, mundane tasks and collect more arbitrary tokens of success than they did.

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