12 Great Video Games With Ridiculous Premises

Sonic the Hedgehog

The Premise: A super-fast anthropomorphized blue hedgehog wearing only sneakers and gloves races through levels collecting rings and breaking open robots to free the cuddly animals trapped inside by an evil, obese doctor.

What Made It Ridiculous: The ever-expanding cast of supporting characters, which included a two-tailed fox, a girl hedgehog who was, as in nature, bright pink, a fantasy creature known as an echidna, and we're pretty sure at one point a snowboarding spider.

Why We Didn't Care: The only thing cooler than blasting through a level without ever slowing down is stopping to jump into a giant slot machine again and again and again until your level time runs out.

Donkey Kong

The Premise: An Italian garbage man must jump over barrels, climb ladders and girders, and collect hats, parasols, and purses in order to keep a princess from being raped by a giant monkey named Donkey.

What Made It Ridiculous: Where does he keep getting all these barrels? Huh?! Is there like a barrel factory up there or something? Because he sure as hell seems to have a lot of these fucking barrels!

Why We Didn't Care: We got to wield a hammer against a large, hairy authority figure, which helped us work through a few issues we had concerning our "new Dad."

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