The Sweet 16 of Shame

Syracuse loses to No. 15 seed, 1991

The Orangemen become the first two seed to lose to a 15 seed, falling to Richmond in the first round. The Orangemen are inconsolable in the post-game locker room upon realizing just how completely fucked their brackets are.


Gene Keady's appearance, 1980-2005

In addition to sporting some of the ugliest blazers this side of Arvydas Sabonis, Keady always looked like he'd done his hair in the dark using a jar of Vaseline and a squeegee.  

Roy Williams's potty mouth, 2003

Moments after guiding Kansas to yet another tourney loss, Williams replies to Bonnie Bernstein's question about the UNC coaching job with an understated:   "I could give a shit about Carolina." And then he went and accepted the job-we shit you not.


Arizona blows lead against Illinois, 2005

Arizona blows a 15-point lead with four minutes to play, sending Illinois to the 2005 Final Four. On the positive side, the Wildcats only blew a five-point lead with one minute to play.

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