The 8 Most Insane Moments in Professional Wrestling

WCW blew its credibility badly in 2000 by hotshotting its world championship title around the waist of actor David Arquette as a cross-promotional stunt tied to the release of his wrestling-themed movie, Ready to Rumble.

But for all the legitimate criticisms one can make about Arquette-one being that he doesn't even make a credible champion of the David Arquette/Courtney Cox household-at least he's an actual human being.

At Capital Combat 1990, as was his habit, Sting was attacked and beaten by the Four Horsemen, who shoved him into a cage. Fortunately, Robocop appeared in the nick of time to save the day and promote his upcoming sequel. The cyborg cop lumbered through the curtain and down to the ring, chasing off the terrified Horsemen and bending the bars of the cage to free the Stinger, while the announcers treated the situation as genuine.

It could have been worse, though. And eventually it was. To promote his upcoming sequel in 1998, killer doll Chucky appeared on the arena's giant viewscreen and verbally bitch-slapped wrestler Rick Steiner. Again, all parties concerned treated the confrontation as real, except the crowd, who booed lustily.

If Vince McMahon signed you to a 10-year, $10 million deal and asked you to pretend to date a 77-year-old woman, you'd probably be a good sport about it too. That's how former Olympic powerlifter Mark "Sexual Chocolate" Henry ended up in bed with geriatric female grappler Mae Young in 2000.

There's nothing wrong with an interracial May-December romance-but the storyline took a turn for the incredible when Henry impregnated Young, and then swung wildly toward the unsavory when she went into premature labor after only a month, at which point she give birth to a hand on television.

Yes, a hand. A healthy, adult, slime-covered human hand, or at least a latex replica thereof. A white one too, which prompted an appalled Henry to question its parentage.

It's the sort of moment the tasteful choose to forget and never mention again. Therefore, it was only a matter of time until Vince McMahon unearthed Mae Young's other hand, which he personally extricated from a prosthetic posterior in a spoof of announcer Jim Ross's real-life colon cancer surgery in 2005.

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