NBA Team by Team YouTube Breakdown

The NBA' regular season is here! Get ready for your favorite team to underperform and take nights off from now 'til the All-Star Game wake-up call in February! To help NBA fans pass the time until the games actually matter, CRACKED has compiled 30 of the funniest, weirdest, coolest, and stupidest NBA-related videos for each team.

Atlantic Division
New York Knicks
This 10-second clip is both humiliating and hilarious-so of course it must come from the Knicks. Qyntel Woods blows a breakaway dunk after inexplicably trying to pull off a 360 and the frustrated Garden crowd immediately boos him. The announcer' reaction basically sums up the current state of Isiah' Knicks: "Just ridiculous."

Philadelphia 76ers
Julius Erving was the smoothest Sixer of all time-both in terms of his gliding moves in the lane and his endorsement of soothing lip balm. In this hilarious early '80s commercial, Dr. J announces that he' changed his famous nickname to "Dr. Chapstick," and proceeds to tell a group of young fans that Chapstick is "serious medicine." (We are praying for a modern day remake in which Allen Iverson renames himself "The Answer " for Chapped Lips is Chapstick.")

New Jersey Nets
When he' not preening, sulking, exaggerating an injury or bemoaning his lack of an iPod during warmups, Vince Carter can be one of the most exciting players in the NBA. These 10 most Vinsane moments of '05 and '06 feature a courtside cameo by Jay-Z (and an uncomfortable instance of a commentator deciding to refer to him as "Jigga").

Boston Celtics
We're not sure which is more awkward: Hearing the Celtics white-bread sportscaster announce a highlights video called "We Ballin'," or the actual lyrics from the "hip hop" group One Love and the Dream Team ("Basketball is my favorite sport / I like the way they dribble up and down the court"). Red Auerbach is probably krumpin' sadly in his grave.

Toronto Raptors
Vince Carter became Canadian Public Enemy #1 when he essentially quit on the Raptors and forced a trade to New Jersey in 2004. So when he returned to Toronto for the first time after the trade, the crowd gave him a welcome as warm as an Ontario winter. This fan-shot video shows Vince getting booed mercilessly at EVERY opportunity including introductions and at tipoff. Hell, these people ride him just for getting a rebound during pre-game layup lines. Canadians, they're FAN-tastic, eh?

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