Mock Draft: The Top 11 Movie Basketball Players of All Time

#3. Saleh (The Air Up There)

NBA Equivalent: A more athletic, less sexually forthright Dikembe "Who Wants to Sex" Mutumbo

Upside: This slender center from the Dark Continent has tremendous leaping ability and overall athleticism. In a game against a mining company in which the winner would take control of the land Saleh's tribe had inhabited for centuries, he was the best player on both ends of the court and hit the game-winning shot, wisely ignoring a wide open Donyell Marshall in the corner.

Weaknesses: Like all foreign prospects, there are questions about the level of competition in his home country. For instance, in the mining game, the second-best player on the court was Kevin Bacon, who is currently being dominated by an aging, bloated Michael Jordan in creepy Hanes commercials. If Bacon can stay with Saleh, the newcomer may not be prepared for the level of competition he'll face in the league. On the bright side, he will be the closest thing in the league to a younger Michael Jordan, at least in terms of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

#4. Jesus Shuttlesworth (He Got Game)

NBA Equivalent: A less charismatic, more idiotically named Ray Allen

Upside: Sweet jumper, great movement without the ball. His ability to juke defenders playing in blank jerseys makes for a pretty unbelievable highlight reel. Hails from basketball hotbed Coney Island, home to such current NBA players as Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair.

Weaknesses: Hails from Coney Island, home to such current NBA players as Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair. Not surprising, then, that there have been character issues raised concerning contact with an agent during high school. His decision to play at State University also raises some questions, such as: which state?

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