Sex-Off! Women of the '70s vs. Today

If you're like us, you yearn for a time when fondue, tennis and cognac ruled the social scene and the women were bra-less and easy. We're not talking about last Wednesday at Burt Reynolds' windowless Malibu chateau-we're talking about the 1970s. Not surprisingly, the women of that carefree, mustache-accepting decade were notably more attractive.

Why? Maybe it was the fact that their breasts were made of playfully droopy fat deposits rather than sacks of plastic, and their faces weren't stretched out and injected with horse semen (that's what Botox is, right?). Or maybe it's just the simple fact that cocaine hadn't really caught on yet. Either way, we conducted some scientific-ish research and proved indisputably that the women of the 1970s are tits and ass above the women of today.

TODAY: Lindsay Lohan
THE '70s: Bo Derek

During the 1970s, Bo Derek sent a strong, womanly message to men under 40: "Hey, why don't you jack off while you look at me?" And jack off they did. With four-inch-long nipples and the face of a sexy, whorish angel, Derek became a shower companion to men nationwide.

Lohan, however, fluctuates between 47 and 182 pounds, and her daily breakfast is usually a surprisingly accurate recreation of the last scene from Scarface. Oddly enough, she was a lot hotter back when she was 15. Yeah, we'd much rather bang the 15 year-old Lin-what? Nothing. Oh yeah-we were going to say that she also appears to be African-American from the waist down, and that's just weird.


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