Election '08: How Each Candidate Will Blow It

America needs a new president like John Travolta needs a firm kick in the genitals (badly), but we're so desperate that we shotgun-started the race to the White House six months too early. In the year and a half until the 2008 election, there's plenty that will likely go wrong: poor word choices, awkward photo ops, and, God willing, a few nip-slips. Simply put, there's no way these clowns can keep their acts together with so many opportunities to fuck up still ahead of them. Here's what'll likely go down for each of the major candidates before it's all said and done.



Past Faux Pas

Back-handedly complimenting Barack Obama with demeaning words like, " articulate," "clean," and "nice-looking." Basically, acting surprised that a black man was able to speak English and bathe himself.

Future Faux Pas

When meeting Al Sharpton at a fundraiser, Biden will compliment the Reverend's "super-black-looking face" and "probably enormous penis."


Past Faux Pas

Being too perfect. He's arrestingly handsome, he's a Kennedyesque public speaker, and he has brilliant ideas for the country. And, on top of that, he's really clean and articulate for a black guy.

Future Faux Pas

When Obama loses to Dennis Kucinich in a televised charity game of one-on-one hoops by a score of 11-3, he will officially lose the African-American vote, and when he frustratedly yells, "I said God damn, D-Kizzle!" he will lose the white vote.


Past Faux Pas

This is a pretty minor faux pas, really, but she calculatingly stood by her cheating husband in order to ensure her own political success.

Future Faux Pas

Radio interference during a fundraiser speech will definitively reveal what conservatives have long suspected: that Hillary is, in fact, a cold, lifeless robot lacking any human genitalia.


Past Faux Pas

Supporting legislation for outlandish, impossible concepts like space weapons, Dick Cheney's impeachment, and legalizing prostitution. (One of those is made up-bet you can't guess which.)

Future Faux Pas

When the DNC tires of Kucinich sullying the Democrats' image with his insane, pointless legislative record, Howard Dean will reveal the fact that Kucinich became a real boy only after following the advice of a magical singing cricket.


Past Faux Pas

Along with fellow democratic slapdick John Kerry, losing the 2004 election to Bush and Cheney, which is roughly the same as losing a footrace to John Goodman's corpse.

Future Faux Pas

In a humiliating, Al Gore-like defeat, Edwards will fail to win the South Carolina primary, despite being born there. Shortly thereafter, he will fail to hit the side of a barn with an underhand softball pitch from a distance of five feet and forget how to tie his shoes.


Past Faux Pas

While Richardson was Secretary of Energy, Chinese-American scientist Wen Ho Lee was accused of selling government secrets to China. Richardson's oversight is understandable, though-why would he suspect a Chinese scientist from China of trying to help the Chinese government? Shocker, really.

Future Faux Pas

While watching Ocean's Thirteen with his wife, Richardson will fail to comprehend that the secretive group led by George Clooney is, in fact, a criminal enterprise, pleading with his wife for days afterwards that, "they seemed so honest." And if that's not humiliating enough, GOP insiders will leak the secret that Richardson looks suspiciously like this guy from Dances With Wolves, but with more neck fat.

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