The Five Most Unintentionally Funny Albums of 2006

3. Jibbs Feat Jibbs by Jibbs
It’s been a big year for St. Louis. The city was recently named the nation’s most dangerous city, became home to the worst World Series champion team in the history of baseball and spawned Jibbs, the 15-year old rapper/genius behind the hit, “Chain Hang Low.” Sung to the tune of the kindergarten song “Do Your Ears Hang Low,” the chorus of Jibbs’ jam goes like this:

“Does yo chain hang low
Do it wobble to an fro
Does it shine in the light
Is it platinum, is it gold
Could you throw it over ya shoulda
If ya hot, to make ya cold
Do your chain hang low?”

Now, if hearing Jibbs try to sound hard while singing nursery rhymes doesn’t make you laugh, watching him surrounded by swirling computer-generated chains in his video certainly will:
The brilliance and originality of “Chain Hang Low” continues throughout Jibbs’ wittily titled debut album, “Jibbs Feat Jibbs.” Not only will a listen to Jibbs’ album expose you to mind-blowing metaphors such as “I got butter like Crisqo,” but it will also grace you with subtle choruses like:

“King Kong, king, king, king, king kong, king
King Kong, king, king, king, king Kong
If you hear before you see me
I got king kong in the trunk
King kong, king, king, king, king Kong, King
King Kong, King, King, King, King Kong
If you hear before you see me
I got King, I got King Kong”

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