The Five Most Unintentionally Funny Albums of 2006

2. The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian are trying to achieve the exact opposite image of DragonForce. A far cry from a raging metal band obsessed with burning flames of fire, these dandy fops want to bring you into their world of tea and crumpets, where unicorns and leprechauns pick daisies and talk about rainbows. Their music is the sound of two Smurfs hugging.

With songs like “We Are the Sleepyheads,” “Funny Little Frog” and “For the Price of a Cup of Tea,” The Life Pursuit is so ridiculously happy, it makes Care Bears look goth. It’s what the Powerpuff Girls would listen to if they won the lotto. And just check out some of the songs rumored to be on the band’s next release:

“Kisses for Grandma”
“Spoonin’ and a Cuddlin’”
“I Pooped a Cupcake”
“The Ballad of the Missing Testicles”

You’ve heard the stories of bands requesting copious amounts of booze and drugs backstage as part of their payment for performing. Belle and Sebastian have a stipulation in their contract that they must be provided with at least one dozen puppies and a gallon of vanilla ice cream before they go on stage.

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