The Five Most Unintentionally Funny Albums of 2006

Music is rarely funny on purpose, but every year an endless supply of hilarious albums is unintentionally generated by clueless and/or pretentious musicians around the world. These artists don’t bring us joy through the pleasure of listening to their music, but by providing endless opportunities to ridicule them. So without further ado, here’s a list of 2006’s most unintentionally funny albums.

1. Inhuman Rampage by Dragon Force

This is DragonForce.
If you can't already tell from their photo or name (which was either devised by a fifth grader or based on some horrible Nintendo role-playing game), DragonForce is a metal band. But they're not just any metal band. DragonForce is a living, breathing, walking cliché of such epic proportions, it makes Spinal Tap seem like an actual documentary.

To truly illustrate just how cliché these guys really are, I took a look at the lyrics from DragonForce's recent eight-song epic album, Inhuman Rampage, and here's what I found:

Even with all the references to battles of steel and the burning of fire and flames, it's still pretty impressive that DragonForce was able to use the word "pain" an incredible 26 times in only eight songs (and that doesn't even count how many times it's repeated in the chorus). After listening to the lead singer's voice and watching their videos, it's most surprising that the word "pussy" doesn't appear once. That word was apparently not included with the Dungeons and Dragons magnetic poetry set the band used to write their lyrics.

Check out this video for more DragonForce hilarity:

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