The 25 Worst Rapper Names of All Time

#15. Devin the Dude

Duuude. That word is entirely too reminiscent of Keanu Reaves to even use on a rap album, let alone as your name. Though the picture we found showing Devin the Dude in the middle of an enormous cloud of white smoke might go a long way towards explaining how he got his name.

#14. Eminem

Who didn't think this was the wimpiest rap name ever when he first burst on the scene back in the '90s? Why would a guy who is perpetually angry at the world name himself after a tiny chocolate candy known for its adorable mascots? Yes, his initials are M.M., but that's no excuse. You don't see Tina Turner calling herself TNT. Actually, that's way better than Eminem. Maybe she should start rapping. Her albums already have hip-hop titles like "Simply The Best" and "Break Every Rule."

#13. Gnarls Barkley

Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse couldn't think of anything so they just stole their name from someone's fantasy basketball team.

#12. Beelow

What does this even mean? Is he below everything because he's so underground? Is it a blow reference? Is he a bee that flies low, always searching for pollen? Maybe his name starts with a B, and there's a taller guy on his block who also has a B name. "Yo, where B at?" "B High?" "Nah, B Low." "Oh, he out sniffin flowers again in his mama yard."

#11. The LOX

Mmmmmm...lox. Lox is among the most smelly cold fish dishes, so that's, um, kind of badass sort of.

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