The 25 Worst Rapper Names of All Time

#20. Tie: Snow, Vanilla Ice, Young Black Teenagers

Everyone knows you're white, so why call further attention to it? At least Young Black Teenagers tried the irony route, although that might be even more pathetic.

#19. Kidz in the Hall

Now rap groups are taking their names from sketch comedy shows? What's next: Essenell? Mista Sho? These guys also get bonus sucking points for one of the MCs being named Naledge.

#18. Dreddy Kruger

Rappers' interaction with cinema should be limited to quoting blaxploitation, gangster and kung fu flicks. Naming yourself after a character from your favorite almost-spooky movie isn't doing a lot for your street cred.

#17. Cunninlynguists

"Get it? Hee, hee, hee!" The only way there could be an acceptable excuse for a name this corny would be if the group consists of junior high school students and your uncle after a few drinks. Judging from the above image, they're neither, and judging from the song we heard on their MySpace page, they're not terrible, which makes a name this bad all the more tragic.

#16. Noreaga

With an endless supply of infamous military leaders to choose from, this is who he picks-a CIA stooge who will probably live the rest of his life in prison. And it's not even spelled right. Is he worried the real Noriega will sue him for damages? Actually, that would be pretty awesome.

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