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The Top 7 Futuristic Super Drugs

Movie: New Jack City

Drug: Something called "Crack"

How It Was Ingested: Smoked

What It Did: Only used by poor city dwellers, it seemed to make them close their eyes and say "Oh shit." We just hope that in real life this doesn't become a widespread problem.

Chances You'll Be Taking It at a Concert This Summer: It also, for whatever reason, made the people who sold it dress in outlandish clothing and try to kill other people in outlandish clothing. So if someone does offer to sell you crack at a concert this summer, and you're wearing a Dr. Seuss hat with a brightly colored suit jacket and flip-shades, you'd better just turn around and run.

Movie: Robocop 2

Drug: Nuke

How It Was Ingested: Injected

What It Did: Made you bat-shit insane

Chances You'll Be Taking It at a Concert This Summer: This one kid we know took E before a rave and then put a glow stick in his mouth while he was grinding his teeth and all of the glow-in-the-dark filling leaked out into his mouth. That' pretty much like "Nuke," but he died so we doubt it'll catch on.

Movie: Prayer of the Rollerboys

Drug: Mist

How It Was Ingested: Smoked out of a machine that sort of looked like an IV

What It Did: Made you lazy

Chances You'll Be Taking It at a Concert This Summer: Pretty good, but only if you can figure out how to make a bong out of your diabetic uncle' IV, which took us like three hours.

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