The 8 Greatest Makeshift Movie Weapons

#4. The cricket bat from Shaun of the Dead

Thousands of British zombies invade Great Britain. After about a half hour of dicking-around, Shaun and Ed realize they have to defend themselves from the pale horde of the blank-faced masses and, after trying and failing with cutlery and old records, get the job done with an old cricket bat found in the shed:

He soon delivers two zombies with a sticky wicket full of pain and uses it to fight his way through town to save his girlfriend and his mom.

How It Is Useful Against Your Enemies

The cricket bat actually beats out Al Capone's (Robert DeNiro) baseball bat in The Untouchables: While it might be less all-American, it's much thicker, flatter and makes up in weight what it lacks in speed (also, unlike The Untouchables' baseball bat murder, this one is not preceded by one of the most muddled "team player" metaphors this side of a Dunder Mifflon corporate retreat). The cricket bat also packs the added pain of being injured with a sporting good from a wimpy Euro sport-only choking on a shuttlecock is more humiliating.

#3. The chainsaw from Evil Dead II

After the evil takes his friends and his right hand, Ash decides to turn the ultimate negative into the most bitching positive possible. He pieces together various clamps and vices and attaches a chainsaw to his hand, which he also uses to turn his double barrel 12-gauge Remington shotgun into a patented boomstick:

Groovy indeed, sir.

How It Is Useful Against Your Enemies

As Scarface showed us, a chainsaw can be pretty useful in and of itself. It's fairly lightweight, easy to swing and very powerful. But attaching a chainsaw where your hand used to be takes it to a level of commitment that is almost unfathomable, and can be psychologically devastating to your enemies. If your enemies are anything like us, when you step to them with a chainsaw for an arm, they're probably thinking, "Not only is he willing to attack me with a chainsaw, but he's willing to cut off a part of his own body so he can use a weapon in his other hand while attacking me with a chainsaw. Screw this, I'm going home to watch Gilmore Girls." (Trust us, they might pretend like they don't, but your enemies totally watch the double G.)

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