The 30 Strangest Movie Posters of All Time

Right up there with Burt Reynolds being awesome on movie posters are movie posters where Barbra Streisand is weird. There' probably a fertilizer joke in here somewhere about Barbra Streisand' bullshit-crammed-skull being an ideal environment for growing plant life, but we don't think we can find it.

For Pete' Sake is the first of a series of seven movies where Barbara Streisand tries, and utterly fails, to promote helmet safety. Also, does the name "zanybarbara" tie into the plot of the film or is it just a clumsy attempt at a self-imposed nickname?

In this strange and disturbing re-imagining the of the classic children' story, the Owl (George Segal) and the Pussycat (Barbra Streisand) go on a cross country murder spree, inviting innocent people into their twisted sexual world then brutalizing them repeatedly. It' still unknown whether or not Streisand wore a prosthetic penis for the famous final scene.

And to cap off our Barbra Streisand section, we have this poster, where there' a lot going on, and not a bit of it making a goddamned bit of sense. Is this an anal sex reference? It probably isn't. But if you say it with the right inflection, it sure as hell sounds like it could be.

This probably isn't the official poster for Rocky Horror, but it certainly is the one with the most visible hair on a man' inner thighs.

Chuck Norris is back, on his deadliest mission yet. This time he' fighting the dual evils of Science and awful movie names.

Adam West: "Damnit, I told you a thousand times, William. Look at my skin tone! I'm a Summer. Grey and blue aren't my fucking colors!"

Mexican Superman has a smaller S, less hair, and will work for a fraction the salary of our Superman.

Here' a Polish poster for Return of the Jedi. We like how C3PO gets top billing in their version. He really was the moral core of the trilogy.

If you've seen the movie, you know that this isn't as salacious as it first looks; that robot isn't going to fuck that woman. He' going to kill her then fuck her.

And finally".oh my.

No, we didn't make this up.

Chris Bucholz is a Contributing Editor at Cracked Magazine, and writer of the hilarious blog Robotman!

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