The 30 Strangest Movie Posters of All Time

An illustrated, vaguely Chinese-looking Chuck Norris bursts through his own poster, seeking vengeance on all posters for what they did to his country.

This was actually a pretty good movie. But to someone who hadn't seen it before, those blurry frame stills look like they're advertising the pivotal "staircase orgasm scene."

"Stay tuned for Frida: The Story of a Mannish Woman and a Womanish Man, coming up next on Channel 12' Missing The Point Entirely Afternoon Theatre."

We've never really asked our parents about it, but we guess people were just naturally greasier in the '50s.

The posters for The Godfather Part II had to be changed after Francis Ford Coppola decided to cut the 15-minute steadi-cam shot of Michael Corleone doing the hokey-pokey at his son' birthday party.

The Duke' an imposing looking badass, no matter what he' wearing, even if it is a blue boilersuit. We're guessing it' some kind of fireproof garment, although one wonders how his sidekick, Janey Purplepants, copes with the heat.

For the last decade or so we've felt something missing from our summers, and indeed, much of our life. Now we know. It was Burt.

We could probably do a whole feature of just awesome Burt Reynolds posters. Apparently this movie is about a shape-shifting alien who takes the form of a beard and forces Burt Reynolds to sleep with piles of women.

Damnit, yes. These just keep getting better.

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