The 30 Strangest Movie Posters of All Time

Along with unwashed, yellowing sheets, movie posters are the most popular choice for decorating a college dorm room. Whether you preferred Luke Skywalker wielding his lightsaber, Vince Vaughn offering you a martini, or Clockwork Orange brandishing his dagger, if you went to college, you probably had a movie character watching over you as you studied, slept and explored your body quietly so that your roommate wouldn't hear.

Everyone had a Swingers poster. Everyone had Star Wars posters. But there are hundreds of movies made every year, and there have been for close to a century. What happened to all their posters? Are they still around? Are any of them really stupid and weird?

The answer (Oh lord, yes.) may surprise you.

Katherine Hepburn is menaced by two floating heads, who offer her unsolicited advice on the subjects of jogging and anal sex, in this 1952 classic.

We're glad to see a monster movie that finally answers the difficult question: What happens to all their bowel movements?

He' all pants, yet no sleeves can contain him. She' pantsless, but adores sleeves. Together, they fight crime.

Ronald Reagan, seen here in bed with someone who isn't his wife, and a monkey, who also probably isn't his wife.

Also interestingly, it looks like people went to bed fully clothed in" the '20s, we're guessing.

Remember back in the good old days, when everyone assumed that mixed martial arts would be nothing but heavily-oiled dudes leaping around and kicking each other in the chest, all for the amusement of secretive Chinese billionaires?

Now, thanks to the UFC, we know that mixed martial arts fighting is basically a couple of barely-oily guys rolling around on the ground and punching each other, all for the amusement of Joe Rogan.

We guess we're just sad that mixed martial arts had to grow up.

Kind of a hastily assembled, somewhat metaphorical poster here featuring a car that for some reason is able to express pain. We gather that the black triangle represents the road, the white background represents cocaine, and John Belushi represents John Belushi.

This poster honestly looks like it took someone five minutes to make. This is the movie poster equivalent of a kid doing his homework on the school bus. Chuck Norris used to make such rad posters (see below). He should hang his beard in shame.

When she wasn't working in films, Ms. Bow rented out space on her head for local advertisers.

"Ted, it' a good script, okay! But I don't care what she did, we can't call this movie My Wife is a Huge Bitch. People won't know what you're talking about. Also, I think you've got a lot of anger issues to work out."

Times change, I suppose. Compared to most hip hop videos these days, Lambada dancing looks pretty tame. In fact, according to the Supreme Court, the only dance today that' legally forbidden is the Batdance.

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