Ridiculous Overseas Rip-Offs of American Films

"The Wizard of Oz" (Turkey)

Pros: Unlike the Turkish Star Wars, this remake's director at least appears to have seen the movie he's ripping off. Or at least read the back of the DVD case. Also, Dorothy is a stone-cold fox.

Cons: It's not bad enough to be good, and ends up hovering slightly south of "low rent." Nothing says "compromised cinematic vision" like midgets that are actually just short, chubby 12-year-olds.

Highlight: At some point, Scarecrow's ass is supposed to catch on fire, but because they couldn't actually afford to put a man in a flame suit (let along a believable Scarecrow outfit) he just jumps around holding his butt like he's got an explosive case of the roo.

Conclusion: If anybody wants to take our pornographic version of Oz into production (working title: The Wizard of Oz, But With Naked People), we've got all the boring, shabbily produced non-nude parts right here.

"Mickey Mouse" (State of Palestine)

Pros: Terrorists love Mickey Mouse! So what if he's inciting genocide and calling for the downfall of the Western world? The Chinese can call Big Macs "Death to America Burgers," but it's still a McDonald's in Tiananmen Square, right?

Cons: Only filmmakers with worldwide grosses north of $500 million are allowed to endorse the annihilation of the entire Jewish race. (Source: Disney Corporate Policy Manual, Section E, Paragraph 13, aka The "Passion" Clause)

Highlight: Mickey shares some helpful advice with the kids:

"Don't forget to ask your parents first before you annihilate any Jews, kids!"

Conclusion: Disney has since ceased the loaning of character costumes to radical fundamentalist groups, even if they promise it's just "for their kid's birthday."

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