8 Summer Blockbusters Guaranteed to Disappoint

#2. License to Wed (July 3)

John Krasinski, Mandy Moore, Robin Williams

The Case For: Let's remake Anger Management with Robin Williams in the Jack Nicholson role! They're both winners of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, after all, and Robin Williams is one of the most successful comedic actors on the planet. Plus, the kids seem to like that Krasinski guy from whatever TV show he's in.

The Case Against: We'd always assumed that Robin Williams was one of those comedians whom our parents (who don't watch TV and have only the vaguest understanding of who Jon Stewart or Seth Rogen are) probably find side-splittingly hilarious. We phoned them to confirm this, though, and it turns out they find him grating and upsetting too.

Verdict: Who's the audience for a Robin Williams movie these days? Is there one? Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay? Show of hands: Who even bothered to see Man of the Year, Robin Williams' vanilla attempt last year to impersonate Jon Stewart? Show of hands: Who thinks it might have made more sense to cast Jon Stewart?

If We'd Made It: We'd stop forcing talented up-and-comers to earn their paychecks by propping up Williams' sagging, deflated career. (Not only is The Office's Krasinski in License, but so are three other actors from the show; Arrested Development's G.O.B. and Buster appeared in RV; and Lewis Black still hasn't regained the credibility he lost in Man of the Year.) From now on, genuinely funny comedians star in comedies. Robin Williams gets to cater them.

If he balks at that, Robin Williams gets to stay at home in his pajamas and entertain his family with his gay hairdresser routines.

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